Monday, 15 August 2011

Zoobles: Icetasia - Mama & Zoobling

Zoobles are really cute little collectable toys suitable for boys and girls age 4 or over. There are over 300 different characters, varieties and designs to collect and play with.

Despite being suitable from 4 years, Lexi and I were sent Icetasia to review. We were asked to review it even though Lexi is only 2 years old and were told she was only to play with it whilst supervised as they wanted our opinion on the product but there are small parts so she had to be supervised strictly at all times.

About Zoobles

"Far away in the mysterious land of Zooble reside hundreds of adorable, little creatures, each with the ability to magically transform from tiny balls hiding in the unknown into cute, mischievous and quirky little creatures called Zoobles. These adorable characters are waiting to surprise you by "popping" open when you least expect it.

Zoobles are collectable, colourful characters that "pop" open when placed on their magnetized "Happitat". There are hundreds of Zooble characters to collect and playsets for added fun!"


Icetasia is a really cute purple Zooble with bear ears and gorgeous eyes which Lexi loved and kept pointing at and saying "awwwwww". She instantly liked the look of Icetasia and her little Zoobling baby. Each Zooble comes with it's own "Happitat" which is magnetised.

As Zoobles are supposed to be for older children, Lexi found it a little bit fiddly trying to get the Zoobling into Mama Icetasia's tummy and pushing her into a ball so I did it for her and found it really simple so it would be easy for older children to do.

Lexi did, however, work out very quickly that putting balled up Mama Icetasia onto the magnetised Happitat meant she popped open from her ball form into Mama revealing her little Zoobling inside. No matter how many times she put Icetasia onto her Happitat and watched her spring open, she still found it hilariously funny and was laughing and smiling constantly for over an hour while she played with it.

Although she wasn't able to use the toy to it's full potential as she wasn't able to push Icetasia into a ball with the Zoobling inside, Lexi was able to play with it and use all the other fun features this little Zooble offers. She was absolutely fascinated with Icetasia popping open when placed on her Happitat revealing the Zoobling inside. She was also intrigued by the balled up Zooble too and was rolling it around on the table laughing with delight.

The Zoobles website has lots and lots of games, prizes, a place to store your collection, information and general fun on it so why not pop over to the Zoobles website to have a look for yourself!

You can also find out all about Zoobles and be the first to know exciting new releases and promotions on the Zoobles Facebook page too!

Zoobles retail with a starting price for a single Zooble at just £7.99 which I think is a great price as there is plenty of scope for your child(ren) to continue growing their collection and, being so inexpensive, they make brilliant gifts for other children for birthdays and Christmas presents and they are sure to love them! You can purchase Zoobles online or instore in many different stores including Toys ‘R’ Us online and instore and Smyths Toys online.

With over 300 Zoobles to choose from including large playsets, packs of 4 and single Zoobles there is something for everyone and I am sure that all little girls and boys would love them!

Lexi had lots of fun playing with her Zooble "Icetasia" even though it isn't strictly suitable for her and I had to supervise her very carefully whilst she played with it because the Zoobling is so tiny and therefore a choking hazard. I think that when she is a couple of years older and fits the 4 years old suitability age range, she will absolutely love these little toys even more and I am certain that Mummy and Daddy will be buying more and more of them as she insists on building a collection. She definitely enjoyed playing with it but I would say that in a couple of years time, Zoobles will be top of Lexi's wish list and will be even more Loved By Lexi than they are now!