Friday, 29 July 2011

Jackson Reece: Baby Wipes Selection

I have always admired Jackson Reece. The environment is very important to them meaning all their wipes are bio-degradable and packs are degradable. So when Jackson Reece sent me a selection of their wipes I was eager to try them all out...

Natural Herbal Baby Wipes: 72 Pack

The smell of these wipes is gorgeous! You can't help but notice the smell as soon as you open the pack; it is amazing. A really fresh, invigorating, earthy smell which is perfect for baby wipes. You can instantly pick out the individual scents of tea tree, aloe vera and lavendar fused together to smell great!

Aswell as doing exactly what us Mummies want baby wipes to do: clean properly with no irritation; they are also 100% bio-degradable, 100% Chrlorine free, Organic, 99% of the ingredients are derived from vegetable or plant extracts, PH balanced, dermatologically and hypoallergenic approved, made in the UK, NOT tested on animals, allergen free and, unlike many other baby products, these wipes don't contain any nasties like sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), sodium laureth sulfate (SLES), alcohol, lanolin, phthalates, MIT, parabens, tricolsan, propylene glycol, petro chemicals, phenoxyethanol, benzoates or soap meaning not only do their Herbal Baby Wipes smell amazing and work amazingly well but they are also kinder to baby's soft, sensitive skin and are good for the environment too!

Unscented Natural Baby Wipes: 72 Pack

These wipes were just as brilliant as the Herbal ones just without scent which is great for wiping grubby, sensitive faces and hands when covered in food etc without leaving their face smelling leafy. They also have the added bonus above the Herbal wipes of having a rigid label for easier opening/re-sealing of the wipes. I thought this was a fantastic feature which I hope they will use on all their packages soon!

Boasting the same fantastic credentials as the Herbal wipes of being 100% bio-degradable, recycable, 99% of the ingredients are derived from vegetable or plant extracts, PH balanced, dermatologically and hypoallergenic approved, made in the UK, NOT tested on animals, allergen free and, unlike many other baby products, these wipes don't contain any nasties like sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), sodium laureth sulfate (SLES), alcohol, lanolin, phthalates, MIT, parabens, tricolsan, propylene glycol, petro chemicals, phenoxyethanol, benzoates or soap and because of their unscented/fragrance free formula; they're especially designed for children with eczema and sensitive skin.

Natural Flushable Wipes: 10 Pack

These were my favourite of all the wipes. Such an innovative idea as the pack is the perfect size for popping into your handbag for when you need to pop out quickly and not drag a huge changing bag everywhere with you. Meaning you have some handy wipes on you at all times without being bulky and filling your entire handbag. The fact that they are flushable is genius too because it means that if they do accidentally get flushed down the toilet, your whole drain won't block up and cause a huge mess. They are also perfect for potty training because your toddler can put them down the toilet after use and it teaches them the correct way of disposal whilst still cleaning them properly and gently. They really do flush too; we live in a 1950s house which doesn't have the best drains in the world (it has been blocked many a time when guests have put wipes or kitchen roll down the toilet) and they flushed easily and didn't cause any blockages.

These too boast the fantastic credentials listed above for the other two sets of wipe whilst being flushable and in a handy pack of 10. An absolutely brilliant idea which I wish I had discovered sooner!

My favourite factor which was consistent in all the packs of wipes may seem immaterial to most people but I think other Mummies will understand exactly where my frustrations usually lie and which, for the first time ever, I think a company has actually managed to overcome...

The wipes actually come out of the packet ONE at a time!! Not a big long string of wipes which then have to be pulled apart at the most inconvenient moment and stuffed back into the pack. You pull the wipes, one comes out, you close the lid. Simple yet so, so difficult to find a pack that actually does this so THANK YOU Jackson Reece for making your wipes so easy to use and well designed!

Because their wipes don't contain any of the nasties that other baby products contain, they are suitable for children with eczema, sensitive skin, hypoallergenic and dermatologically approved meaning they are perfect for everybody!

Don't just take my word for it; Jackson Reece have won numerous, well-deserved Awards for their products because they really are fantastic!

Jackson Reece's range of baby wipes are available from many places. A list is available here. They range in price depending on product but start from around £1.99 per pack.

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Don't miss out: Sainsbury's currently have Jackson Reece wipes on sale for just 0.99p!!! An absolute bargain for such an amazing product! Either pop instore to buy, or order online from Sainsbury’s website.

For more information about their other products, pop over to their

Thank you Jackson Reece for introducing Mummy and Lexi to your amazing range of baby wipes. Your products are 100% Loved By Lexi.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

JaJaJa Books: Lucy & Lucia Play Hide And Seek - Early Spanish

Maybe I'm a little optimistic but I was always told that the first years of a child's life are when they are the most influential when it comes to picking up and learning new languages. So when JaJaJa Books asked me to review their new girls book called Lucy & Lucia Play Hide And Seek I was really happy as their books are written predominantly in English but with Spanish words and phrases mixed in so that your child can pick up and learn Spanish without even realising they're learning!

Lucy & Lucia are charming young girls, who get into all sorts of adventures. In this specific book they play hide and seek which enables the author, Genevieve Yusuf, to incorporate Spanish numbers and counting along with other useful words and phrases that your little one will hear whilst you read to them, or read to themselves without realising that, whilst enjoying the story, they are learning Spanish.

Lexi, although still very young, thoroughly enjoyed Daddy reading the book to her and was got very animated pointing at the Spanish words and showing Daddy her favourite pictures and parts of the book.

Personally I think the story is good - Lexi certainly seemed to enjoy it - but think the illustrations are a little childish and primitive. This didn't matter to Lexi though because she thought the pictures were wonderful and loved the bright, simplistic colours and design so I think Mummy is in the wrong in this instance and Lexi is probably right; with a children's story book which also adds the factor of learning Spanish, perhaps amazing illustrations isn't needed as the story and the Spanish content speak for themselves and like I said, Lexi seemed to love everything about it.

Overall, a brilliant concept, well-written and I really think that the Author has found a niche in the children's book market. Perhaps in the future, Lexi will be fluent in Spanish, French and many other languages all thanks to JaJaJa Books with Mummy picking up a few more languages along the way!

There are lots more stories due to be released soon which Lexi will be very excited about but in the meantime, pop over to JaJaJa Books website and order your copy of Lucy & Lucia Play Hide And Seek for only £4.50 here.

There's also games, information about the Author and Illustrator and more information about the books on their website here. You can also pop over to their Facebook page and say hi here. Make sure you let them know that Loved By Lexi sent you :)

Thank you JaJaJa Books; Lexi learning Spanish without realising is definitely Loved By Lexi's Mummy. Lexi reading and enjoying the book, loving the pictures and learning Spanish without realising are definitely Loved By Lexi.

Pourty: The Potty That Pours!

Potty training with Lexi is like pulling teeth! She can't seem to concentrate for long enough to use a potty because she loses interest so quickly that something else distracts her before she actually goes toilet and then off she goes, nappyless, peeing as she goes! Arghhhhhhh!!

I'm sure this is a story similar to many Mummies of 23 month olds trying to potty train. I was at my wits end. I would have waited until Lexi was a little older because she obviously isn't ready or interested in starting the potty training process yet however, she has forced my hand by persisting in removing her nappy herself then going for a wee or a poo on the floor or in her cotbed. No matter what pyjamas or clothes I put her in, she somehow manages to houdini herself out of her nappy without ever removing any clothes!! Sleepless nights up with her are bad enough but sleepless nights changing blankets, bed sheets, mattress protectors, teddy bears covered in... Yep! She has certainly forced my hand alright!

So when I was asked if Lexi and I would like to review the Pourty Potty I was so hopeful that just maybe this would be the key... A new, brightly coloured, practical potty that would capture her attention and get her interested in starting the potty training process again.

When the Pourty arrived Lexi was instantly interested. It is a fantastic bright pink colour which caught her eye and she asked to use it straight away.

The fact she didn't actually go to the toilet I feel is irrelevant because just the fact of her asking to use it meant to me that we were making progress and any tiny amount of progress gave me huge optimism!!

Not only is the Pourty great looking, it is well thought out and practical. As the name suggests, the Pourty is specifically designed so that with no mess or fuss, you can pour the contents of the Pourty down the toilet without splash back or drips going all over the place. This unique design means it has won numerous, well deserved, Awards.

Added to the unique design feature, fantastic appearance and the fact that Lexi actually, for the first time ever, showed interest in potty training and using it; the Pourty is hygienic, a lovely shaped "Dri-Bot" design, made from sturdy, rigid plastic which is thick and unrelenting so a toddler can't break it but also isn't too heavy that you can't carry it from room to room if you want to with the purpose made handle on the front.

The Pourty comes in blue, white, pink...

And now... Purple!

And retails for just £9.99 which may be a little more expensive than some other potties, but for such an innovative potty, I think a few extra pennies are well worth it to get your little one to um... spend a penny! ;)

You can buy the Pourty from lots of retailers (list here) both online and instore. If you'd like more information about the Pourty or it's origins then take a look at the Pourty website or pop over to their Facebook page where they'd love to chat with you! There is also a brilliant video on YouTube which you may find of interest here.

I won't lie; Lexi is still wearing nappies BUT she DOES use the Pourty Potty. Albeit occasionally, but she does use it which is a massive step in the right direction for me so, Pourty obviously do something right! I'm very, very optimistic that with further praise, time and patience (plenty of patience!!), she WILL get there and I think that that is all thanks to Pourty and their fabulous Potty. So thank you Pourty, your Potty That Pours definitely seems to be having a positive effect on Lexi's mammoth journey towards potty training so I would absolutely say that your Pourty is Loved By Lexi.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

LUSH: Fresh Handmade Cosmetics

We all love to feel pampered once in a while especially when the nearest we get to it with toddlers is a quick scrub in the shower or sitting in an inch of lukewarm water using their water to wash our hair! So when I was sent some goodies from LUSH I was ecstatic - yet quietly worried about how on earth I would find the time to soak in a gorgeous, scented bubblebath or use any nice smellies without them being commandeered or ruined by Lexi. Thankfully, LUSH sent something for both myself and Lexi so I actually managed to use mine without her wanting it for her own bath or trying to use it before I got a chance...

Ickle Baby Bot Bath Ballistic


Lavender and chamomile sleep-inducing bath for kids. Cunningly disguised as a robot. Run a warm bath. Drop it in and enjoy the fragrant fizz.

After running Lexi's bath, she was so happy to be able to get involved and drop the robot into the bath so she could watch the ballistic fizz and make fantastic blue patterns erupt across the surface of the water. The robot fizzed up and soon the water was a lovely blue colour which Lexi loved.

Once she was in the bath she had lots of fun chasing the fizzy bubbles across the bathtub and splashing. The water felt amazing on her skin, leaving it really soft and silky and smelling sweet and fresh. I don't know whether it was my imagination or wishful thinking but I really do think that the gorgeous smell of lavender and chamomile made Lexi more sleepy before bedtime! I will definitely be buying more of these to use as a treat for Lexi as they retail at just £1.75 and can be bought online or instore from LUSH themselves.

Honey I Washed The Kids Soap


Real honey hand and body soap to soothe and sweetly scent your skin.

I have quite sensitive skin and am prone to dry patches so am very careful with what I use on my skin and especially face but I was willing to give this soap a try and I know that LUSH use little or no preservatives and use the freshest most organic ingredients to make their products simply well.. Lush!

It really did deliver on it's promises; my skin felt gorgeous after using it and smelt absolutely divine! I thought that honey and toffee smelling soap would be sickly and leave me smelling like Lexi had chucked her dessert over me but I was definitely wrong. The smell is amazing and even Lexi sniffed my cheek and said "Mmmmm yum yum"!! I thought the soap was great and have actually since been to our local LUSH shop and bought some more because I liked it so much! At only £3.25 for a large chunk of soap, I thought it was great value as it lasts for ages and lathers so nicely that it goes really far on the sponge! It is available online and instore.

Twilight Ballistic


Immerse yourself in a lavender and ovaltine scented bath of froth and fizz. Drop into a full bath.

Last but by no means least was my absolute favourite of the LUSH products we were sent. Sadly, the postman hadn't been particularly careful with my parcel so it actually arrived looking a little less like the picture on the website...

But no fear: the fact the ballistic was smashed thankfully wasn't detrimental to the product which was absolutely fantastic! I loved it! After finding time to have a lovely, long soak, I dropped the Twilight ballistic into the bath and watched it fizz and froth up creating this gorgeous aroma that filled the bathroom and smelled wonderful!

The bath frothed and fizzed with fabulous looking pink, blue and purple swirls of bubbles which looked so enticing to slip into. I was in heaven the second I stepped into the bath as the water had become a deep blue pool of silky, soapy gorgeousness! My skin felt beautiful and I revelled in the bath until it went cold which is a real treat for me as I don't usually get such relaxation!

For those rare occasions of tranquility where I get a long, luxurious soak in the bath, I will definitely be buying myself some more Twilight ballistics. At £2.99 each I will have to treat myself as I'm not one for spending money on pampering for me, but I think in this instance, I will definitely be splashing out on a little treat! These ballistics are available online and instore along with hundreds of other amazing smelling, looking and feeling products from LUSH so pop over to their website here to see their extensive range or to find out more information about this fantastic organic company!

LUSH's Ickle Baby Bot was immensely Loved By Lexi and the rare, luxurious treat of Honey I Washed The Kids soap and Twilight Ballistic were absolutely, positively Loved by Lexi's Mummy!

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Halos N Horns: Moisturising Lotion

Lexi doesn't have eczema but she does occasionally have dry skin so when Halos N Horns sent me their moisturising lotion I was eager to try it out and see whether it really would make Lexi's skin silky soft when she had dry patches and keep her skin smooth, soft and supple every day.

As soon as I opened the lid of the tube I was impressed and loved it. It has a true 'baby' smell. Sweet, creamy and babyish. Absolutely gorgeous! Lexi loved the smell too and took the tube to smell for herself and she too was impressed!

The moisturiser is amazing; non-greasy, smooth, silky, sleek, creamy and glides onto skin so easily without the need for vigorous rubbing or wiping half of it off because it hasn't rubbed in completely. It works exactly how an expensive moisturiser works (at a fraction of the price!). Because it is made from naturally derived moisturisers with added vitamin E and sunflower oil, it is so gentle on skin and really did leave Lexi's skin so gorgeously soft and snuggly and smelling divine! But don't take my word for it - Lexi loved it and was smoothing it onto her nose and arms herself because she loved the way it made her skin feel...

Halos N Horns description couldn't be worded better so I will quote them:-

Like all Halos N Horns products, we’ve made our Baby Moisturising Lotion as gentle as possible by avoiding some of the harsher ingredients that can irritate the skin, such as parabens. Instead, we try to pack in as many natural conditioners and plant-derived cleansing ingredients as we can, making this hypoallergenic, non-greasy lotion a gentle addition to your little one’s skin care routine.

Not only is it great for Lexi but I sneaked a little bit to use on myself when Lexi wasn't looking and it worked equally as well on my skin. I am prone to dry patches and have tried every expensive moisturiser on the market so to find something that was great for both Lexi's skin and my own is absolutely amazing! Lexi saw me using it so decided that she'd like to share as she obviously realised that Mummy loved it too!!

Halos N Horns Moisturising Lotion RRP is £3.99 and is available exclusively from Boots and online. The rest of their range is also available from Boots but is also in ASDA, Tesco, Morrisons and many more aswell as online. Take a look at the Halos N Horns website for their full range, more information about them and their products and a list of all retailers of their products.

After being so impressed with their moisturising lotion, I will definitely be buying other products from their range for Lexi (and me!) and would definitely recommend them to anybody.

Thank you Halos N Horns for creating a wonderful moisturising. I won't be using any others again as yours is definitely the moisturiser most Loved By Lexi.

P.S. Halos N Horns products are currently on special at Boots and Boots online with the fantastic value of being 3 for 2 meaning you can get 3 fantastic products from their range for just £7.98! Bargain!!

Bebemoda: Bumkins Waterproof SuperBib

Lexi, like all toddlers, is a very messy eater getting food all down her front, all over the highchair, all over the floor, all over the cats, all up the wall and just about everywhere but in her mouth!

So when Bebemoda asked us to review their top selling Bumkins Waterproof SuperBib I was very happy with the thought that perhaps, eventually, this was the solution I had been searching for in keeping a little less food down her front and a little more in her mouth!

The bib comes in an array of funky colours and cute designs including two Dr Seuss choices. We opted for the pink fizz which was the most vibrant and my favourite for Lexi.

Not only do the bibs look brilliantly fun and funky, but they are practical and have been well thought out. The velcro that fastens around the neck is long enough that the bib will fit for a very long time without being too tight or so loose that food falls under the chin. You can fit the bib to your child exactly so that it's always the perfect size.

The material is great too; very easy to wipe clean, no stains or greasy smudges left behind and is very durable. Being durable and practical I thought that the bib would be uncomfortable but Lexi didn't seem to think so. She loved wearing it and was very proud to show it off to people when she wore it out at lunch.

Added to being wipe clean, it is also machine washable and colourfast so you can bung it in the washing machine when it gets really grubby and it will still come out looking as good as new. I tested this theory by washing it in every wash I did for 3 days (about 4 washes) and it really did come out looking just as vibrant and uncreased as when it went in. Brilliant!

Aswell as being very practical, fitting well and looking cool and gorgeous, the SuperBib contains no PVC, no phthalates and no BPA and is suitable for ages 6 months to 2 years and it really is durable enough that it will last and last and last - even on a messy, destructive toddler!

Retailing at £7.99 they are a little expensive in comparison with some other bibs that I have bought, but after using it and seeing just how brilliant it is, I would certainly say it is well worth paying a little extra for something that will last for so long!

For more information visit the Bebemoda website. All the colours and designs are available to buy from Amazon so why not pop over and take a look!

Thank you Bebemoda, the Bumkins Waterproof SuperBib is fantastic and definitely Loved By Lexi.

Betty Crocker: Lemon Flavour Cupcake Mix

As I said when Lexi and I made the last batch of Betty Crocker cupcakes; I've never been one of those amazing Mummies who manages to find time to make their own bread and bake cakes and cookies for local stalls and still find time to bake for their family and friends. So when Betty Crocker asked if I would like to review their cupcake mixes, I was a little worried that my baking ability would hinder my competence at being able to create mouth-wateringly delicious looking cupcakes like those on the front of the box! Thankfully I was wrong as there really isn't much skill or finesse required and the cupcakes really do turn out brilliantly (even with my lack of ability!!). It definitely helped that this was the second round of cupcake making so I had learned from any small mistakes and honed my technique!

All you need is your cupcake mix box contents, 60ml of water, 2 eggs, a little bit of vegetable oil and 10-15ml of milk. The box contains cupcake mix, icing, sprinkles and the cupcake cases.

It really is simple... Three very quick and easy steps...

1. Beat the eggs, water, oil and sachet of cake mix together in a bowl. Lexi hand-whisked ours again because it was much more fun than Mummy using the electric whisk! However, after the last time, I was prepared for the mess and had plenty of cloths to hand!

2. Spoon the mixture into the cupcake cases (provided). This was a palaver last time as Lexi insisted on doing it single-handedly and more mixture was poured on the table and tray than in the cupcake cases! It does say on the box that a helpful hint would be to put the mixture into a jug and pour it in rather than using a spoon so this time that's what we did. It worked an absolute treat!!

3. Whilst the cupcakes were baking for 16 minutes and then cooling on a wire rack, Lexi and Mummy did the final step which was to beat the icing with the milk. This time, after the mistake of adding the milk too quickly and producing extremely runny icing, we were a lot more careful and added the milk very slowly just a drop at a time and thankfully it worked! The icing was a lovely thick paste and was so easy to spread onto the cupcakes. It didn't run down the cases like last time, instead sitting beautifully on top of the cupcakes making them look gorgeous aswell as easier to eat!

Then the bit Lexi enjoyed the most last time, and again this time... Sprinkles! She was more careful this time so the sprinkles were a little more even on each cake although they still had Lexi's flair of being heaped into the middle of each cupcake proving again they were made with love and fun was had making them by Lexi.

Lexi and Mummy had so much fun making the cupcakes but nothing could equal the look of sheer pride and delight on Lexi's face when she showed Daddy the cupcakes she had made "all by herself".

They may not have looked exactly as they did on the box, although these definitely looked more like they should than the last batch...

And again, these were delicious...

I cannot sing the praises and talk about the ease of making these cupcakes enough. If Lexi and I can make them, anyone can! And no matter how many 'oops' moments you have when making them (like us with the milk in the icing with the last batch), the cupcakes still turn out looking good and tasting amazing. The more you make them, the better they get as we have proven... These were an infinitely better success than the last batch and Lexi and I were really proud of ourselves afterwards!

If you'd like to have a go at making some cupcakes yourself then take a look at the Betty Crocker website: Betty Crocker where they have a huge range of mixes for brownies, muffins, cookies, cakes and cupcakes in varying yummy sounding flavours! They are also available to buy from Sainsburys, Waitrose, Asda, Morrisons, Ocado, Nisa, Booths and other outlets aswell as online.

You can also visit their Facebook page: Betty Crocker Facebook for great recipe ideas!

Quick, simple, so much fun and delicious ... What more can you ask for!

Thank you Betty Crocker: making your Lemon Flavour Cupcakes and then eating our own creations was very, very much Loved by both Mummy and Lexi!

Friday, 22 July 2011

10 Things I Love About You

1. I love that the second you were born you made your Mummy and Daddy into a family instead of a couple making our lives complete.

2. I love the look of awe and love you have on your face every time you look up at Mummy and/or Daddy.

3. I love that you share our passion for music and already sing along and dance to music whenever you hear it.

4. I love how proud you make us because you are so clever and beautiful.

5. I love that you have Mummy's blonde curly hair which I never want to cut and that, even first thing in the morning, it makes you look like an angel.

6. I love your enthusiasm and that you absolutely adore the water whether in the bath or swimming pool or just splashing in a bowl.

7. I love your kind, caring nature and love for all living creatures.

8. I love that you knew your own mind from the minute you were born and continue to be assertive and forthright when telling us what you want.

9. I love that you are so generous with your kisses and cuddles and showing affection and love.

10. I love that you are all of the things above plus many, many more amazing things and that nothing phases you, life is fun no matter what we are doing and that your love is unconditional, abundant and plentiful. I love the joy that even the seemingly small things in life give you and, in turn, the joy that brings to everybody who knows and loves you.

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