Monday, 29 August 2011

Coolfans: Izzy the Coolfan

I'm not entirely convinced by the argument that blowing on your own child's food is unhygienic. Recent studies apparently state that blowing on food is a a means of transferring bacteria via saliva and is therefore harmful for your child. This argument seems very OTT and obsessional to me! However,

Lexi was sent Izzy the Coolfan by Coolfans and it really is a much easier way of cooling your little ones' food. Rather than having to spend ages and ages blowing on it, the Coolfan is a quick and easy way of cooling food down leaving your hands free to deal with your little one.

We were sent Izzy because it was the one that I thought looked like the most fun and which Lexi would love the most. Izzy is bright purple with wide eyes and a smiling face wearing a cap which is really fun and Lexi thought was hilariously cute.

All four of the funky designs look eye-catching and interesting for children...

Coolfans are specially designed so that you simply pop your child's plate or bowl onto the stand, turn the Coolfan on and let it whizz away and cool your child's food down. It is perfect for fussy eaters as it creates a diversion from what's on their plate so that they have something else to focus on at meal times. It also cools their food down quickly without leaving scalding hot-spots so it is safe to eat - BUT YOU MUST ALWAYS CHECK YOUR CHILD'S FOOD BEFORE ALLOWING THEM TO EAT IT!

The Coolfan comes with 2 x AAA batteries included so as soon as it arrived in the post it was ready to go! It is really quick and simple to change the batteries too, Lexi's Daddy did it no problem. You simply; Unscrew their cap...

And pop in the new batteries...

What Lexi Thought

Lexi loved the design of the fan and had lots of fun at dinnertime watching Izzy whirling away cooling down her food. She was a little uncertain at first as to what on earth was going on...

Sorry Lexi but Mummy couldn't help but post this picture because it makes her laugh so much!

But once she had realised what the Coolfan was doing; she thought it was brilliant!

Coolfans have really soft, squishy blades so there is no worry about your little one injuring themselves. After Mummy had checked by putting her finger underneath it, Lexi then decided that it was great fun to stop the blades from going round herself and then re-start them by letting go. This was fine because, like I said, the blades are made from soft foam so she couldn't hurt herself. Being foam I was worried that she may have been able to easy tear or break them but they certainly passed the Lexi test for ruggedness without a single mark on them so that proves they are definitely child-proof!

Although I'm not a believer of "the fears of germ cross-contamination by blowing on food",I am a believer that Coolfans are fantastic. I think they are very beneficial for not only children but the elderly and disabled people too as it removes the need for blowing on food whilst making mealtimes fun!

All four funky Coolfan designs can be purchased direct from the Coolfans website here for £9.99. They come with a 28 day no-quibble guarantee so you are safe in the assurance that you will LOVE your Coolfan!

There is information about all of the Coolfan gang, Coolfans the company and any upcoming designs and products on the Coolfans website or you can pop over and say hi on their Facebook page too!

Coolfans aren't what I'd call a "must" but are certainly something very fun and innovative that will increase your child's love of eating and mealtimes aswell as giving us parents a little bit more time on our hands to dish-up.

Although unsure to start with, Lexi soon had lots of fun with Izzy and really enjoyed her dinnertime with her newfound food cooling device; making Coolfans' fun, funky designs a cool idea which was definitely Loved By Lexi!