Sunday, 7 August 2011

Scooterearz: Tired Of Hunting For Lost Gloves?

Scooterearz sent Lexi and I a sample of their new product which will go on sale in September.

Note: Scooterearz sent me a sample example of what the product will look like, they said that:-

"The finalised product will be finished to a much higher quality. They will be available in September in 4 different fun fur colours all with a black weatherproof outer"

Although I must say, for a concept sample, the Scooterearz they sent us were finished to a very high standard, the materials were of good quality with really soft fur lining in a gorgeous pink colour - which I hope they do use for their final colours.

The concept is that Scooterearz stay on your child's scooter handlebars (although can be transferred easily) so that you don't have to hunt around for their gloves, they can simply go out to have a ride around on their scooter whilst keeping their hands warm at the same time and always know where their Scooterearz are because they are on their scooter! They do hang down and look like funky little ears on the scooter too which is fun and encouraging for children to use them!

I have to admit that Lexi wasn't too sure on what she should be doing with them. I attached them to her Scuttlebug and she was more interested in putting her hands over the top of the Scooterearz than inside them but then the Scooterearz packaging does say suitable from 3-12 so being not even 2 yet I think they may be a little past Lexi's comprehension level at the moment!

I was a little worried when thinking about it that when on a proper stand-up scooter it might be difficult for a child to pull their hands out quickly if they were tipping over but having put them onto Lexi's 2nd birthday present (a proper scooter) and tested it out for myself, the easily release design really does work and it is really easy and simply to pull hands out quickly without getting caught up and therefore tipping over and hurting yourself.

Once I had spent some time explaining to Lexi what the Scooterearz were for, she did then sort of get to grips with the concept but was still much more interested in putting her hands on top of them as she was treating them like gloves for her Scuttlebug as oppose to for herself!

When I showed the Scooterearz to my friend, who has a 6 year old son, she was very impressed. She couldn't believe that someone had thought of something so simple yet so brilliant! She said that when hunting out her son's gloves before the school run in the morning or when he just wants to ride it when they nip to the shops, it is an absolute nightmare trying to find both from the pair so she thought Scooterearz would be the perfect solution for her 6 year old and thought he would LOVE them! I shall be buying some for Louis for his next birthday as I can see how they would be a fantastic product for a child of his age - Lexi was just too young to appreciate and need them I think.

Scooterearz don't go on sale until September 2011 but you can find more information on their website or on their Facebook page.

When they go on sale in the Autumn they will have a RRP of £12.99 which would make a great stocking filler or present for a friend. I would definitely say that your child needs to be in the 3-12 age bracket though because Lexi really didn't grasp the concept.

The soft fleece material is gorgeous though and Lexi did love snuggling into it on her Scuttlebug handles. The best thing is that they are completely versatile as the handle holes are elasticated meaning they will fit on every scooter handle no matter what size or shape!

We have got Lexi a proper scooter for her birthday next week (12th) so I think that if we introduce the scooter with the Scooterearz already attached she might have more of idea of what she is supposed to be using them for?!

Scooterearz have come up with a very cool, quirky, fun idea for a child whilst being practical too. They have found a niche in the market, found a solution and I think will do very well in the 'must have' category! Not quite loved by Lexi just yet but I am positive they will be when she is a little older and can comprehend their brilliance!

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