Monday, 24 October 2011

Guest Toyologist Review for Mummiefun: Moon Sand Candy Factory

We were kindly asked to do a Guest Review for Mummiefun who are Toyologists for Toys 'R' Us.

They sent us the Moon Sand Candy Factory to see what we thought and here's our Guest Review for Mummiefun and Toys 'R' Us...

Moon Sand Candy Factory

When we received the parcel, Lexi was so excited because it was so brightly coloured and appealing that she wanted it opened instantly.

My first impression was one of slight disappointment as I felt the packaging falsely advertised the contents of the box. It shows the candy factory with lots of candy sweets made with green, pink and purple sand which look really cool. My disappointment stemmed from the fact that when we opened the box and pealed back the paper, there were only two colours included in the box (it does state this in the contents list but just shows different colours on the front). There being only two colours meant that the elaborateness of the designs we could make were severely restricted in comparison to the ones shown on the front of the box.

Lexi being just 2 didn't care how many colours were included and was insistent that we got the sand out and started creating immediately so we did...

The instructions were really easy to follow. We simply had to click the lever press together and place it in the ready made tray (bottom of the box), tip the sand out and we were away! The kit contains a candy press machine, different shaped moulds, a measuring cup, two colours of magic Moon Sand which feels slightly damp to the touch and never dries out however it doesn't stick to everything like normal wet sand does. It is really hard to describe but it feels really strange and new and sticks to itself without sticking to your hands/fingers and everything else. A genius idea!
"Moon Sand is a modelling compound with all the fun of the beach but without the mess! Squish it, shape it or mould it! Moulds like dough but it never dries out, you can reuse again and again, indoors or out. Moon Sand won't stick or stain"

The bottom of the storage box is designed to store the sand in but I thought it would be easier for Lexi to use if I put it in some Tupperware pots which I did.

The first step is to press the sand into the measuring cup to ensure you have the correct amount of sand;

Moon Sand Candy Factory says that it is suitable from 3 years and as Lexi is only 2 years old Mummy had to play with it with her and supervise as she needed some encouragement to understand what to do with it and how to play with it other than just digging in the sand!

Once I had taught Lexi how to measure out the sand and tip it into the moulds she was well away. Measure out sand, tip into different shaped moulds, pop into lever press machine and pull down the lever then Hey Presto! cool looking Candy!

Being so young Lexi's candy was just one colour and didn't look quite like the candy on the box front so Mummy had a go to see how easy or difficult it was to make the candy look funky...

Lexi helped Mummy measure out the sand whilst Mummy painstakingly pressed tiny amounts of the opposite colour sand into the mould trying to make sure it was only in the hollowed out shape rather than anywhere else in the mould, we then tipped it in the sand Lexi had measured out, popped it into the press and Lexi pulled the lever. With bated-breath we lifted up the mould to reveal...

Mummy had managed it. It took a lot of concentration and effort but Mummy had made candy look like it did on the box!! You can re-use Moon Sand simply by crumbling it apart again but Mummy was so proud of herself that she wanted to keep these candies as a memento of the fun Lexi and I had had making them and the effort that had gone into them so we simply popped them onto a baking tray covered in tin foil and put them in the oven (times are stated in the instructions dependent on oven type). When they came out they had gone completely hard but still looked just as vibrant and funky! I am still a little disappointed that the kit only came with two colours as just one more would, I feel, have made all the difference to the versatility of the fun we could've had!

You can purchase the Moon Sand Candy Factory direct from Toys ‘R’ Us website for £14.99. I think that this is a little expensive for a toy if you are going to use it with a child as young as Lexi as the amount of fun and time she spent playing with it was limited. However, I think that an older child who could play with it alone would have a lot of fun and get hours of enjoyment creating their own candies and displaying them in the storage box - especially if they purchased one or two extra colours of Moon Sand (available to buy separately for £6.99 for two colours).

All in all, Lexi and Mummy did spend a good couple of hours having lots of fun with the Moon Sand Candy Factory and although Mummy was a little disappointed; Lexi didn't mind how many colours there were or how hard it was to make the candy look amazing because she merely enjoyed playing with the sand and having fun. This means that from Lexi's point of view, the Moon Sand Candy Factory is definitely awarded the prestige of being Loved By Lexi.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Impressions to Keep: Silver Jewellery Keepsakes

I love keepsakes - especially ones that will last a lifetime and will always hold so much love and be something you will treasure forever. So when we were asked to review a piece of personalised jewellery by Impressions to Keep I was really excited as I have always loved the idea and couldn't wait to see how it worked and how well it turned out.

I was especially pleased to review for Impressions to Keep as it is a small family owned business run by the lovely Emma who is married to a man in the RAF with 2 boys of her own she and is just a "normal" Mummy doing something she loves without adding a huge mark-up on pricing like the larger companies do.


"I originally started this business making wet clay hand & foot impressions and taking hand/foot prints onto ceramic ware. Everything is hand decorated, names & ages all painted on by me before being glazed and kilned. I started up because I am a sucker for anything to capture moment of my boys' life and often ended up paying WAY over the odds for all my keepsakes! I was leaving the RAF after 18 years of service and wanted to DO something as well as look after my boys full time. So, after paying a silly amount of money for their hand & foot impressions to be taken, I decided I could to better and cheaper.....and hopefully I have achieved that.

Silver prices have risen massively in the past year, but I am still trying to keep prices as low as possible. I have a no frills free website, you will note the finger impression kit is not in a fancy presentation box, I do not put the completed jewellery in expensive jewellery boxes & I do not supply a silver chain as most customers have a spare one and do not need the cost of another added on.

I do not charge extra just because a piece is bespoke, customers are charged on time and materials, not just because they want something ‘non standard’. I LOVE my work, I love the people I meet and I Know how much people love to have this stuff, I am so privileged to be able to make something that will hopefully be treasured."

The 'Kit'

Emma sent Lexi and I a kit which contained a sheet of magic paper, a magic wipe to take Lexi's hand and foot prints and 2 small pots containing moulding material in order to take Lexi's fingerprints.

Our mission was so simple;

1. The magic paper and wipe came with detailed instructions. All we had to do was wipe the clear dry wipe over Lexi's hand and press down on the special 'magic' paper and voila her print would appear. Sounds easy..... And was! Even Lexi and I with our fat thumbs and inability to do anything creative managed to do a pretty good job even though we had to do it a few times because Lexi kept moving her hands.

2. Repeat the process above with Lexi's foot. This proved a little more tricky as Lexi decided that once she had the wipe on her foot, it would be a brilliant idea to do a little jig on top of the paper thereby making a lot more random toe prints on the paper than were ideally required!

3. Mix the blue putty together with the white putty and ensure they are evenly kneaded together. Simple roll into a small ball and press finger/thumb firmly into the putty. Hold for 10 seconds or so and voila, a perfect fingerprint! Emma sent enough for 2 fingerprints but we had a small accident with one lot so only had one chance at it - thankfully it came out really well! The putty can be reworked for up to about 2 minutes so it gives plenty of scope for change if need be.

All Emma's instructions for using the kit to it's full potential were absolutely brilliant. Easy to understand and well written with little hints and tips of how to get the very best impressions possible. It was a very good thing she sends out such detailed instructions because Lexi and I are absolutely useless when it comes to anything regarding crafting or being creative so it would've been an absolute nightmare if they were any less detailed. They were perfect! If I was going to do anything differently I would probably have had Daddy there aswell so that one of us could control Lexi whilst the other did the prints as Lexi got so excited that we ended up with a lot more prints on the paper than were required! Our efforts did make me giggle though and Emma was amused to see how much fun we had had! I wasn't entirely sure just how Emma was going to get any semblance of a normal print out of the mess Lexi and I had created....


Emma from Impressions to Keep uses Silver clay which is an ingenious substance, as when kilned it produces stunning fine silver jewellery.

Fine Silver has a higher silver content than sterling with sterling silver being 92.5% silver whereas fine silver is 99.9% silver, So you can be assured you are purchasing the highest quality silver there is. It does mean that because it is 99.9% silver, the jewellery is slightly softer and will need a polish ever now and again but that is no big deal for me as the high shine and little hands mean it would need cleaning anyway! Being fine silver, the shine is beautiful!


The kit took no time at all to arrive in the post as promised by Emma. Once we had done our prints and sent them back to her, the jewellery arrived in the post very soon after which I was really surprised at! No time at all. Fantastic service from a lovely, friendly and inspiring lady! Thank you Emma.


Emma sent back the completed jewellery and I actually cried when I saw how beautiful it was. The bigger pendant is a flower shape which has Lexi's name on the back;

And had her hand and foot prints on the front. The prints look amazing - especially considering the mess we had sent Emma! They are both so clear and well imprinted into the silver. It looks fantastic!

The smaller top pendant is also a flower shape and has Lexi's fingerprint impressed into it. It is absolutely gorgeous. I still can't believe just how well it came out and how much detail it has in it. Every little line, crinkle and crevice is right where it should be. It really does look amazing!

Impressions to Keep

Not only do Impressions to Keep make beautiful pendants in all shapes, sizes and styles to suit all budgets but they also make lots of other fabulous items like impressions in clay, prints on ceramic, personalised gifts, Christmas ideas and now NEW impressions in copper to compliment their impressions in silver range! You can view their full product list and buy from their website: or on the Impressions to Keep Facebook page.

Silver Jewellery Prices

Prices range from £25 for just a single charm to £50 or £60 for a double Pendant to £90 for a large hidden doodle pendant. I think these prices are amazing as I have done lots of research about pricing before and this is at least a third cheaper than a lot of the large companies and is just as good - if not better! quality than most of the larger 'get it out quick' companies!

I have fallen in love with this double pendant with Lexi's hand, foot and finger prints on it and still smile each time I glance at it hung around my neck because it is the most beautiful keepsake of Lexi's that I own and I will certainly treasure it forever. Maybe when she is older, I can pass it on to Lexi and she too can cherish it as I do. She already "oooohs" and "ahhhhs" when she points at it and was sure to show it to her Mooma and tell her about "Lexi hand and foot on Mummy necklace by nice lady" which made me smile!!

Impressions to Keep make the most beautiful, sentimental keepsakes at fantastically appealing prices so are at the top of our list of companies which are Loved By Lexi's Mummy and therefore Loved By Lexi!

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Be Pretty In Pink with Bottlegreen: Breakthrough Breast Cancer

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Bottlegreen is turning Bottlepink with a limited edition bottle launched to mark Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October. 10% of each bottle of bottlepink pomegranate and elderflower pressé will go towards Breakthrough Breast Cancer to help them with their amazing work!

If this wasn't reason enough to buy yourself a bottle of limited edition Bottlepink, then read on as I am sure you will love it just as much as I did...!

Be Pretty In Pink with Bottlegreen Turning Bottlepink

"From your party dress to your drink, pink is the only colour to be seen with this October! Ladies up and down the country will be turning all shades of pink to do their bit for Breast Cancer Awareness Month and there’s no better way to show your support than with a delicious glass of bottlepink!

bottlegreen has teamed up with Breakthrough Breast Cancer to turn its gorgeous pomegranate & elderflower cordial and pomegranate & elderflower sparkling pressé pink in aid of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The stylish new bottles will be in store for a limited time only, with 10% from each sale going to help the charity’s fantastic work.

Embodying the irresistibly fruity and distinctive taste of pomegranates combined with the delicate and fragrant taste of elderflowers, the bottlepink drinks are wonderfully light and refreshing.

Along with the exquisite taste, the beautifully designed bottles are also the perfect accessory and will add a touch of glamour to any celebration. So get your friends and family together and host your very own pink party in aid of Breakthrough Breast Cancer and make bottlepink your special guest!

Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in the UK with 48,000 people diagnosed with the disease each year. Breakthrough Breast Cancer is a pioneering charity that is saving lives and changing futures, through researching, campaigning and education."

Bottlepink Pomegranate & Elderflower Cordial

Bottlepink sent Loved By Lexi a bottle of their limited edition cordial to try and I have to say, I was not disappointed; exquisite is exactly the right description for their bottlepink pomegranate & elderflower cordial. It is absolutely delicious! I absolutely loved it and Lexi decided it was her new favourite drink too and drank a lot of it herself! It is gorgeously sweet without being sickly and you can really taste the flavours of the pomegranate with a slight tang and flowery aroma from the elderflower. It is a firm favourite soft drink in our house now!

Bottlepink sent us some wonderful drink recipe ideas too which we tried out and they too were absolutely glorious - perfect for serving up either virgin or alcoholic to your friends and family at a Pink Party!

The Pomegranate Daquiri

• 50ml rum
• 25ml lime (whole)
• 12.5ml gomme
• 10ml bottlepink pomegranate and elderflower cordial
• 10ml water

• Martini
• Pomegranate seeds if available
• Shake ingredients with ice,
• Strain into a martini glass
• Decorate with pomegranate seeds if available

Super Blush Mocktail

Serves 1

• 75g fresh raspberries
• 2 tsp freshly squeezed lime juice
• Chilled bottlegreen Pomegranate & Elderflower Cordial
• Top up with soda water

• Press the raspberries through a sieve to make a puree.
• Discard the seeds.
• Add the lime juice and then pour into a large glass.
• Pour in a measure of bottlegreen Pomegranate & Elderflower cordial
• Top up with soda water and serve.

The Red Cooler

Serves 1

• 25ml bottlegreen Pomegranate & Elderflower Cordial
• 50ml Soda Water
• 50ml Cranberry juice
• 5ml Grenadine

• Shake with ice
• Strain into a highball glass
• Add a lime whirl

All of these recipes were absolutely delicious and there are many more online on their website here so why not buy yourself a bottle and try them out! There are some fantastic dessert and main meal recipe ideas on their website too so be adventurous and give them a try! Their cocktail ideas were amazingly delicious so their food ideas are next on my list to try.

On top of all these amazing attributes; bottlepink contains no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners giving you even more reason to pop out and grab yourself a bottle now!

Where To Buy

bottlepink is available from all major supermarkets. bottlepink sparkling pressé is priced from £2.39 and bottlepink cordial from £2.99 which I think is a great price especially as 10% will be going towards Breakthrough Breast Cancer's fantastic achievements and continued work in fighting breast cancer.

To find out more about bottlegreen please visit

To find out more about Breakthrough Breast Cancer visit

You can also pop over to the Bottlegreen Facebook page to keep up to date.

I really can't stress just how delicious this product is and can't recommend it highly enough. I think bottlegreen turning their bottlepink for this worthy cause is a fantastic idea and must raise my glass to their brilliant efforts! Bottlepink Pomegranate & Elderflower Cordial and the cause it supports are most definitely Loved By Lexi!

Monday, 17 October 2011

CHOKABLOK: New Premium Ice Cream on the 'Blok'

"Calling all ice cream fanatics! A delicious new ‘premium’ ice cream is hitting shelves, that has been specially crafted by an expert team of ‘master cremeliers’ with more than 100 years of experience between them.

ChokaBlok is a luxury ice cream made from an indulgent blend of the finest ingredients including real chocolate, whole milk, double cream and free-range eggs.

Each spoonful is crammed full of rich flavours and features more chewy chunks, gooey bits and crunchy nuggets per bite than any other ice cream."

Loved By Lexi were asked to review a new range of luxury ice creams that have just hit the market and are already going down a storm in Tesco and certain members of the family were very excited as Lexi and her Daddy are ice cream crazy, they absolutely love it!

Unfortunately I am allergic to chocolate (boooo!) so this review fell to Lexi's Daddy and Lexi alone with Mummy just watching on wishing she could have a taste!

We were sent 2 pots of ice cream and three boxes of ice cream on sticks and here is Lexi and her Daddy's verdicts on each of them:-

The Chocolate Extremist

"This chocolate heaven is everything you could imagine, all wrapped up on a stick. Chocolate ice cream is swirled with our chocolate sauce, real milk chocolate covered crispies and brownie pieces, then covered in Belgian dark chocolate and studded with cookie crumble."

Lexi's Daddy is a chocoholic so he absolutely loved this one. He said that the crispies pieces and brownies pieces gave a new depth to his ice cream eating experience and helped break up the sweetness of the chocolate ice cream perfectly. The cookie crumble complimented the ice cream and the chocolate sauce beautifully and he absolutely loved it. Lexi only ate a small amount as I think that because it is so chocolatey, it became a little bit sickly for her but her Daddy definitely enjoyed it.

The Chocolate Extremist from CHOKABLOK is available in both 500ml tubs aswell as in three packs of 80ml sticks. Lexi's Daddy enjoyed eating the sticks as it is a ready made portion as oppose to him feeling the need to accidentally finish the entire tub! Whereas Lexi preferred having a scoop from the tub in a cone or bowl so there is an option for everyone.

Peanut Butter Nutter

"This cheeky combination of peanut butter ice cream is swirled with rich caramel sauce, loaded with real milk chocolate drops, and then smothered in Belgian milk chocolate and roasted peanut pieces."

Lexi's Daddy isn't the biggest fan of peanuts but he still enjoyed Peanut Butter Nutter. He didn't find the peanuts too overpowering; there were enough to give the taste but not so much that it took over the ice cream experience. He thought the rich caramel sauce was very creamy and added yet another depth to the taste and flavour and gave a new texture to the ice cream. He loved biting into the ice cream and discovering chocolate drops - as did Lexi who was waiting for Daddy to find them so she could steal them from him to eat for herself!

Peanut Butter Nutter from CHOKABLOK is also available in both 500ml tubs aswell as in three packs of 80ml sticks and we were sent both to try. Lexi's Daddy found the sticks more chocolatey than the tubs so would recommend the tubs to someone who is an avid fan of peanut butter and wants the real nutty experience whereas the sticks aren't too loaded with peanuts.

Billionaires Dynamite

"Adventure seekers look out… This is an explosive combination of creamy caramel ice cream swirled with caramel sauce, loaded with real milk chocolate covered crunchy shortcake crumble and chewy caramel fudge, and then smothered in Belgian milk chocolate and honeycomb pieces."

This was Lexi's Daddy absolute favourite of all of the ice creams! He absolutely loved the crunchy shortcake crumble and honeycomb pieces as it gave a surprising crunch as you bite into the ice cream and with the caramel ice cream and rich Belgian chocolate, it is the perfect combination. He has insisted that we add it to our next shopping list as he has been having it for dessert as a treat and has enjoyed every single mouthful!

Billionaires Dynamite from CHOKABLOK is currently only available in three packs of 80ml sticks. Although there is a similar sounding tub called Billionaires Shortcake which Lexi's Daddy can't wait to buy to try next!

The Rocky Road Of Love

"There's nothing rocky about this flavour. In every tub we use rich chocolate and marshmallow ice creams, pack them full with milk chocolate hearts, chunks of crunchy biscuit, mini marshmallows and then add a good swirl of sticky toffee sauce."

Finally, we were sent The Rocky Road of Love. This was Lexi's absolute favourite of them all (even though she loved them all and there wasn't one she wouldn't eat which makes a nice change for our very fussy toddler)! She loved picking out the chunks of crunchy biscuits and marshmallows and giggled each time she found a heart shaped piece of chocolate which was really cute. She loved absolutely everything about it. Lexi's Daddy enjoyed it too as it has "everything a luxury ice cream should have" so both him and Lexi were very happy munching their way through the entire tub!

The Rocky Road of Love from CHOKABLOK is currently only available in 500ml tubs. Lexi loved this because it meant she could have ice cream in cones, bowls with wafers - the possibilities are endless...


There are other flavours of tub available which Lexi's Daddy has already added to the next shopping list so he can have a taste and see whether any of them can be as amazingly tasty as the ones he has reviewed!

CHOKABLOK is currently available to buy from Tesco online and instore and is priced at £3.99 per 500ml tub and £2.79 for a three pack of 80ml sticks. You can buy them from where at the moment just until 25th October 2011 The Rocky Road of Love tubs and Peanut Butter Nutter tubs are on sale for just £3.00! So pop over to the Tesco website or instore and grab yourself a bargain and give CHOKABLOK a try!

For more information about CHOKABLOK products or for nutritional information and news, pop over to the CHOKABLOK website: or pop over to their brand new CHOKABLOK Facebook page and say hi!

Every single flavour was a massive hit to both Lexi and Lexi's Daddy so, even though I was unable to taste them for myself, I can safely confirm that CHOKABLOK's luxury ice creams definitely fall into the category of being Loved By Lexi!

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Princess & Frog Money Box by Freya Design

Freya Design are a lovely website that sell gorgeous wooden boxes for all manner of purpose including an array of cute little money boxes, keepsake boxes, sewing boxes and more! Each one is beautifully made using high quality materials and non-toxic paints.

"Nordic simplicity and the vibrant colours blending in with the natural materials used is very much the trade mark of Freya Design. Wood, textile and other natural materials are used to achieve the unusual 3D designs that are the trademark of Freya Design. The materials are carefully sourced from around the world and the environment is always the main consideration when making decisions.

All products are painted with non-toxic paints and we have decided to leave the inside of the boxes unpainted in order to retain the natural smell of wood"

Freya Design sent Lexi a beautiful Princess & Frog Money Box to review and here is what we thought....

They say a picture paints a thousand words and so you can see that Lexi was instantly attracted to the money box. The princess has a lovely dress on with a big smile on her face and a shiny gold crown and twisted fabric hair which Lexi loved twisting in her fingers. Even with Lexi's best attempt, the hair is attached so well that there is no way she was able to pull it off or yank it hard enough to break it.

The decoration on the box is done to a very high standard and looks amazing. The detailing is perfect with glitter used on the flowers and shiny gold paint on the crown with a luscious bright red heart above the Frog's head.

Above the coin slot in the top of the box is the wording "Make A Wish" which I think is really cute and fitting for our own little princesses who will love this money box!

The opening at the back of the box is ingenious as it has just a hole but is cleverly concealed with a little piece of wood on a pin so you can turn it around to show the hole and then turn it back to conceal it. Lexi had lots of fun putting the money into the box then turning the flap to get the money back out. A very clever and well thought out design by Freya Design.

The box is well made and of such high quality and workmanship that I think the price of £24 is fair as it must have taken a lot of time, effort and love to make such a beautiful box! You can buy your own Princess & Frog Money Box or any others from the range including pink fairy, train, car or boat from the Freya Design website and can personalise with your little one's name free of charge which I think is a great idea! A really special present for any child.

Why not pop over to the Freya Design website or the Freya Design Facebook page to have a browse at their gorgeous products. I would love them all myself never mind for Lexi!

As you can tell, even though it has a higher price than other money boxes available to buy, I would definitely recommend this money box if you want a beautiful forever keepsake which can be personalised for your child and will grow with them for many, many years to come. It looks fantastic in Lexi's bedroom on her shelf and we have had many people comment on how lovely it is.

Thank you Freya Design; the fun design, ease of use and sheer beauty of this box was very much Loved By Lexi!

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Little Charley Bear : Ready, Teddy, Go! DVD

Lexi absolutely adores Little Charley Bear®. Ever since the first time she saw him on CBeebies she was mesmerised. Our dining room Sky Plus+ box has Little Charley Bear® set to record on series link constantly so that she never misses an episode and has now seen every single one!

When we went over to visit my Mum (Lexi's Mooma) in Northern Cyprus, we bought Lexi Little Charley Bear's first DVD "Are You There Charley Bear?" to take over with us as we were worried Lexi may experience withdrawal symptoms if she didn't get her daily fix of Little Charley Bear®, Frozo™, Caramel™, Nibblet™, Midge™, Bellarina™, Rivet™ and, of course, James Corden. She loved the first DVD and, even though she had seen all the episodes goodness knows how many times before, she is still young enough that she didn't care that she had seen them all before and she insisted on watching it over and over again.

To add to her Northern Cyprus holiday experience, we bought her Little Charley Bear® fun sounds plush toy so that she had a new toy on the plane to keep her occupied. He is so much fun and has the familiar voice of James Corden saying phrases like "Are you there Charley Bear", "Hello Charley Bear how are you today?" and "ahhh Charley, you're my best friend" as well as other fun sounds which Lexi loved!

Ever since we gave it to her on the plane in June, he has never left her side - she absolutely loves Charley Bear® above any other children's TV character and now has both DVDs, fun sounds Charley Bear® and a small soft toy Charley Bear®.

She loves Little Charley Bear® so much that she takes him absolutely everywhere and his adventures in Lexi's world have been almost as much fun as the adventures he goes on in his imaginary world as Lexi has taken him everywhere with her and he has experienced everything she has experienced in the few months she has had him along with her!

Little Charley Bear® went on a plane...

Danced with a belly dancer in Northern Cyprus...

And, among other things, also accompanied Lexi on her first ever pony ride...

And those are just his adventures with Lexi! So it's definitely safe to say, Lexi absolutely adores Little Charley Bear®!!

Little Charley Bear® Ready, Teddy, Go! on DVD

Knowing how much Lexi loves watching Little Charley Bear®, you can image her reaction when we were sent their newly released DVD "Ready, Teddy, Go!" Lexi was so excited when she opened the parcel as she instantly recognised Little Charley Bear® and asked to watch it straight away (over and over again!).

"Blast off with Little Charley Bear® in 7 fun-filled stories! Charley sets off in his rocket on a journey to the moon where he meets a friendly alien who wants to play moon ball. In other adventures, Charley has a fantastic new pair of shoes with lights in the soles, becomes a detective and a race car driver - racing against Nibblit™ and Caramel™ in the Little Charley Bear Super Car Race! Countdown for blast-off… Ready Teddy Go!"

Although it is a new release on DVD, it doesn't actually have any new episodes on it as I soon realised once it was on as I had definitely seen all of the episodes at least a few times each from our Sky Plus+ recordings that Lexi watched daily. However, this didn't bother Lexi as she had a great time watching all the episodes again and again and again!

The best thing about Lexi now owning the DVD is that I can now de-Little Charley Bear® our Sky box and delete all the recordings as all we have to do now is press play on the DVD player and Little Charley Bear® and friends are instantly available which is absolutely fantastic!

Little Charley Bear® Ready, Teddy, Go! on DVD was available to buy from Monday 10 October 2011 and can be bought from Amazon for £7.99 which I think is a reasonable price for a DVD that will keep your Little Charley Bear® loving little one amused for hours and hours. Even though £7.99 is a reasonable price; you can grab even more of a bargain in ASDA stores at the moment where it is on sale for just £6! So grab it for your little one while it's at such a fabulous price!

As well as 7 fun-filled fantastic episodes, the DVD also features a bonus episode (Charley Bear Sock Detective), make & do butterfly mobile and activity time too which add to the brilliance of the DVD's entertainment value to Lexi.

There are lots of fantastic looking toys and games in the Little Charley Bear® range available to buy online and in some stores and we will definitely be buying Lexi another one from the collection for Christmas!

Little Charley Bear®'s website has lots of fun, games, upcoming events and much more so why not pop over with your little one and take a look at all the fun to be had! Little Charley Bear and friends are on Facebook too so why not go over and say hi! :)

On top of all this, Little Charley Bear® has a great new FREE app available too which I have uploaded onto my iPhone 4 and Lexi has so much fun playing!

As you can probably tell; Little Charley Bear and all his friends are a major influence in this household with not just Lexi but also her Mummy and Daddy all thinking he is brilliant. For that reason aswell as the good price and the charm, character and sheer fun of the series', Little Charley Bear's Ready, Teddy, GO! DVD is definitely Loved By Lexi!!