Wednesday, 24 August 2011

What I Dream Of Owning The Most....

I have been tagged by My Mummys Pennies to share what I dream of owning the most and here it is...

Not a field..... The land.

My reasoning; If we owned our own piece of land in Cornwall by the sea, not far from where we live or even near where I grew up then I'd be very, very happy as I could make lots of dreams come true - mainly mine though!

We could build a lovely big modern house with panoramic views of the sea and countryside with plenty of space for lots of animals and they could roam free and happy and most importantly safely, we could start an animal sanctuary to care for animals that nobody else is able to, we could be safe in the knowledge that Lexi will grow up surrounded by fresh air and the sea breeze and have plenty of room for her to play and run and be free. I might even be able to convince my Husband that a brother or sister for Lexi would be a good idea as we'd have the space for another and then Lexi and her sibling could have so many adventures in our own piece of paradise!

Most importantly to me, it means that I could make my ultimate dream come true in that I could build another house near ours on the land where my Mum could live with all her dogs, cats and other waifs and strays that she brings in so that she was back home. She currently lives in Northern Cyprus and I miss her terribly and would love to be able to have the space and money to bring her and her dogs back to live here in Cornwall so that Lexi could benefit even more from her love, wisdom and most of all friendship. Mum loves Cyprus so the second feat would be convincing her to come back.... But a lovely house with plenty of land for her animals would certainly be a huge sweetener! :)

So there we have it; I have never voiced this dream to anybody before as it really is just that - a dream. But who knows, one day........... Best buy myself a lottery ticket as prime land like that in Cornwall doesn't come cheap!!

I'm tagging Charlie Monsters Funhouse, The Family Express and The Hart of the Munchkin Patch to share what they dream of owning the most and link back to The Wonderful Adventures of Spud & Spike.!