Thursday, 22 September 2011

The Froobles by Top That! Publishing

Lexi loves to be read to and is starting to recognise letters herself already as I have always encouraged her to share in my passion for reading and books. So when we were sent two books from the new The Froobles series from Top That! Publishing we were both really excited!

About the Books

There are 12 books in the series which was launched in September.

Each book has 32 pages and are made from high quality thick paper so there is no worry about your little one tearing it when they are trying to read it for themselves. They are recommended for age 3+ but, even aged just 2, Lexi absolutely loved being read them at bedtime. Being 32 pages long they are the perfect bedtime length and are easy to read and fun for your little one to join in and point out their favourite characters and scenes.

The books have a page of stickers in the back for children to recreate their favourite scenes or even create their own scenes using the characters. Lexi absolutely loves stickers and making sticker pictures so had an absolute ball using these up and insisted on doing the sticking as soon as she saw the stickers for the first time (after we had read the book once). She absolutely loved them. I love the fact that Top That! Publishing have clearly thought this through perfectly for children as all children love stickers and interacting with their favourite characters in books and digitally so I love this idea and have to give The Froobles another tick in the "amazing" box for thinking over and above their fantastic stories and adding yet another concept to the Froobles brand!

The books are the perfect size for popping into a changing or hand bag which is lovely as it meant we could take them out and about with us and Lexi could show them to her friends too!

How The Froobles Were Created

I can do no better than to quote the very informative explanation I was given by Top That! Publishing themselves about the genius way that The Froobles were created and their aim:-

"The Froobles are fruit and vegetable characters that have been brought to life by the magic of children's imaginations. Scenes created by playgroup children provide the Frooble characters with an ever-changing and magical world to explore. The Froobles exist in the real world, but only conduct their adventures in the fantastical scenes created by the children"

Sienna Strawberry and the ice palace ballet

We were sent two books from the series, the first of which was Sienna Strawberry and the Ice Palace Ballet.

As with all the books, Sienna Strawberry is beautifully illustrated using brightly coloured pictures of Sienna Strawberry and her other friends.

In this book, Sienna auditions for a ballet. She gets very upset when she can't remember the whole routine and is almost at the point of giving up when her friends encourage her to practice. After practicing and practicing, she learns her routine and eventually ends up dancing the role of the Princess. It is a lovely, well-written, emotive story which children of all ages can relate to.

The moral of the story overall is that practice makes perfect which I think is a very valuable lesson for children of the age the books are aimed at as it encourages them to never give up, reach for the stars and never stop believing in yourself.

Bobby Blackberry and the treasure island

The second book we were sent was Bobby Blackberry and the Treasure Island.

In this book, Bobby Blackberry is on an island practising his spying skills when a secret message is washed onto the shore containing a treasure map. For varying reasons Bobby needs help deciphering the map and finding his way. At the end of the story, Bobby needs help opening the treasure and decides to share with all his friends who helped him along the way.

It is written in emotive yet plain language which is easy for children of all ages to understand and relate to. Lexi sometimes gets bored listening to me read long-winded, overly descriptive books but there was no worry about that with The Froobles books - she loved every second.

The moral of the story overall is that you should share with others. Yet again, I think this is a very valuable lesson for children to learn early in life as it will be beneficial to them to learn to share and to be encouraged to play with other children and socialise kindly and be caring.

Our Thoughts

I cannot wait to see whether Top That! Publishing will make more and more books in The Froobles series as I, nevermind Lexi, am excited to see what other adventures the Froobles will get up to!

Priced at just £2.69 (RRP £2.99) direct from Top That! Publishing’s website I will definitely be buying Lexi the other books in the series for Christmas as they will make fantastic stocking fillers and each includes stickers and a brilliant moral to each story including learning to help others, relying on friends rather than gadgets, to treat others as you would like to be treated, asking for help when you need to, never give up, overcome a fear, play nicely and other fantastic morals to enhance any child!

Following the launch of the books in September, the interactive Froobles apps, featuring the voices of Johnny Vaughan, Denise Van Outen, Edith Bowman and Reggie Yates, will be available to purchase from iTunes in November. I can't wait to download the App on my iPhone for Lexi to enjoy!

There are lots of games and lots of fun to be had on the The Froobles website e so pop over with your little one and have some fun with The Froobles characters! Lexi loved dressing up Sienna Strawberry and playing the memory game with Billy Banana. Lexi (and Mummy!) are excited about trying out the music game with Charlie Chilli next!

The Froobles books are available to buy now direct from Top That! Publishing’s website at the special price so pop over now and order your's in time for Christmas!

Bobby Blackberry and Sienna Strawberry were fantastic books and I cannot fault them at all. Lexi absolutely loved them and, I'm positive, will love the rest of the series too! Thank you Top That! Publishing for evoking imagination and joy in Lexi and lots of other children who I'm sure will love them The Froobles too!

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Halos 'N' Horns: Mango Melon Mayhem Shampoo & Conditioner

As I've said before, I absolutely LOVE Halos N Horn's products. So when I was asked if Lexi and I would review their Mango Melon Mayhem Shampoo & Conditioner I had very high expectations.

Halos N Horns make scrumptious smelling, chemical free products which are great for soft, delicate skin aswell as being great value for money and having an extensive range of products available.

We have previously reviewed the Halos N Horns Moisturising Lotion which was amazing and we still buy and use it today as oppose to other products we had previously used. I had really high expectations for their Mango Melon Mayhem Shampoo & conditioner and I was definitely not disappointed...

Mango Melon Mayhem Shampoo & Conditioner uses natural conditioners and plant derived cleansing ingredients. The hypoallergenic, non-drying formula is so gentle that it can be used as an all-over body wash too which is an added bonus!

Lexi loves bath time and, even with her unruly curls which she inherited from Mummy, she still enjoys having her hair washed which makes life a lot easier! So when we tried out the Mango Melon Mayhem Shampoo & Conditioner she was delighted. It smells absolutely amazing. Not too sweet or sickly just fresh and clean with a hint of mango and melon infused in the gooey green gel. Lexi couldn't wait to have her hair washed and insisted on doing it herself because the gooey gel looked like such fun! It foams into a gorgeous scented lather really easily without too much need for scrubbing or too much effort which is great as keeping her still long enough to ensure her hair is washed thoroughly can sometimes be a challenge!

The results were fantastic too; even Lexi's blonde, unruly mass of curly thick hair was left looking smooth, sleek and smelling beautiful! I cannot praise Halos N Horns' products enough as I have loved absolutely every one I have tried and tested but I would definitely say that this Mango Melon Mayhem Shampoo & Conditioner is top of my list of favourites and we will certainly be buying this in future instead of the other brand of baby shampoo we had religiously used beforehand. Love, love, love it!!

Aswell as all these fantastic features and results from the Mango Melon Mayhem Shampoo & Conditioner, I think it is brilliant value for money too with an RRP of just £2.69 for 200ml. I was paying about this for a much lesser quality product so am delighted with this price and think it is most definitely worth it! If you'd like more information about this shampoo or any other products then pop over to the Halos N Horns website where you can learn more about the company, their products and even join their new Parenting Panel where you will get 20% of your first order just for giving your opinion.

You can also learn more about special offers and sales on the Halos N Horns Facebook page.

Halos N Horns Parenting Panel

I have just joined, why don't you...! This is what Halos N Horns have to say about their Parenting Panel...

"Join our Parenting Panel and receive 20% off the range.

Here at Halos Towers we know that there are parents out there who are bursting with ideas and feedback on our products.

They say it's good to talk, and we agree, we love a good natter! If you join our Parenting Panel we will get in touch from time to time and ask for your feedback on our products and new launches. We will also let you know about our promotions, competitions, special events and so much more.

PLUS if you sign up we will send you a voucher code to get 20% off the range on your first online order. And of course we promise not to overwhelm you with emails."

It’s easy to join - simply fill in your details on their website: join Halos N Horns Parenting Panel and wait for your confirmation email which will include your discount voucher!

Lexi loves Halos N Horns so why not give their amazing products a try for yourself!

Monday, 12 September 2011

Tommee Tippee Sangenic® Wrap & Go

Packing up Lexi's changing bag now she's 2 is a nightmare as we need to cram in countless nappies, wipes, nappy bags, a changing mat, nappy cream, a drink, a snack etc and the list goes on..... The bag is absolutely bulging by the time I have finished packing it even just to nip out for a couple of hours. So when I was asked to review Tommee Tippee Sangenic® Wrap & Go dispenser I was really pleased as I didn't know such an innovative product existed!

The Tommee Tippee Sangenic® Wrap & Go is a compact, stylish looking little nappy bag dispenser which can be attached to a changing bag, hangbag or even pushchair handle. It looks funky and cool and isn't easily recognisable as a nappy bag dispenser which is great as I didn't feel like people were staring. A couple of people did ask me what it was and when I explained they were amazed and wanted to know straight away where I got it from as they thought it was a fantastic idea.

I haven't been impressed with the innovativeness of a product this much for a very long time. Such a simple concept but so, so fabulously useful!

The nappy wraps are anti-bacterial killing 99% of germs on contact which is great for when out and about. They are scented with lemon which is lovely as the fresh, lemony scent ensures you don't smell any of the nasties you are putting into the bag.

The design is fantastic. It has a unique flexible handle for simple attachment to just about everything aswell as quick and easy tear off ability with twisting lid to dispense or retract wraps quickly and easily. They really are easy to tear off...

"How to Use:-
1. Simply undo the soft handle by popping the flexible button through the hole.
2. Remove dispenser lid.
3. Drop new roll of wraps into dispenser taking care to locate spindle onto pin.
4. replace lid, again locating pin into the spindle.
5. Pull end of wrap through opening on the side of the dispenser.
6. Tear off each new wrap at perforation.
7. Simply wind any excess back into the dispenser using the lid.
8. When roll is empty, remove dispenser lid, take out empty spindle and replace with refill (sold separately).

What I thought was a lovely touch was that the wraps come in three funky, bright colours - lime, pink and bright blue. This makes the dispenser even more individual and unique and I really loved it!

Not only is the Tommee Tippee Sangenic® Wrap & Go dispenser amazingly convenient, quick and easy to use but it saves lots of valuable space in my changing bag. I even actually attached it to my handbag to go out for a stroll and just popped a nappy in my handbag and felt like a weight had lifted off my shoulders... literally as I didn't need to lug around a heavy changing bag, just this stylish looking dispenser and hey presto! Any product that makes life easier as a Mummy to a 2 year old gets a huge thumbs up from me!!

The Tommee Tippee Sangenic® Wrap & Go is priced at £4.99 inc VAT and you get the dispenser aswell as 2 refill rolls which I think is an amazing price! You can buy the dispenser including refills online here . You can also buy refills separately here which are priced at £4.99 inc VAT for 3 brightly coloured rolls.

The Tommee Tippee Sangenic® Wrap & Go dispenser and refills are avaiable from Asda, Tesco, Morrisons, Boots, Argos, Mothercare, Babies R Us and aswell as direct from Tommee Tippee using the links above.

If you'd like more information about this or any other Tommee Tippee products then pop over to their website here or their Facebook page here where you can take a look at all of their amazing products or find out more information or just have a general chat with other Mums and Dads!

Lexi's viewpoint of the Tommee Tippee Sangenic® Wrap & Go dispenser and refills isn't what was important in this instance; Mummy absolutely LOVED it! It is hygienic, funky, stylish, convenient and saves time and space..... What more can us Mummies ask for from a product! Thank you Tommee Tippee - your Tommee Tippee Sangenic® Wrap & Go Dispenser and Refills are definitely Loved By Lexi's Mummy.

ORGANIC SEPTEMBER: Green People's Organic Babies Chamomile Baby Wash and Shampoo

This month is Organic September so I was asked by the lovely Green People to review another of their lovely organic products and see what Lexi and I thought...

I have reviewed other products by Green People from their Organic Babies range and really liked them so I had high hopes for their Aloe Vera, Chamomile and Sandalwood Baby Wash, Bubblebath & Shampoo in one!

All Green People products are free from SLS which is a foaming agent commonly used in many shampoos, bubble baths and body washes even though it is known to cause skin irritation. Green People have eradicated this problem by using organic, natural ingredients instead so you know your baby is in safe hands! As well as being free from SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) their products are also free from SLES, Parabens, Lanolin, phthalates, artificial perfumes, petrochemicals and colourants so you can be rest assured that your baby will still have silky soft skin without any of the harsh chemicals used in other products on the market. Their Chamomile Baby Wash & Shampoo is also suitable for vegans and vegetarians and is certified by the Organic Food Federation.

It says on the bottle that you only need a tiny squirt in order to create a great bubbly bath so I literally used just a tiny smidgen to see how much it foamed up...

Because it is concentrated, you hardly need to use any at all to get a lovely lather and gorgeous smelling bubbly bath. I did put three really tiny squirts in because I wanted to see how much difference it would make the more I added but there was no need as it foamed up beautifully after just one little bit.

This Green People product is suitable as a shampoo as it's gentle cleansing properties retain natural skin and scalp oils. Lexi has her Mummy's blonde curly hair which is rather unruly but after using this as a shampoo her hair was silky soft and manageable. I hardly needed to use any at all as it is so highly concentrated that the tiniest little amount worked into a lovely lather on her hair and left is smelling gorgeous!

Not only is a fantastic shampoo but it is suitable as a body wash and bubble bath aswell so you don't need your bath cluttered up with three separate bottles; just one bottle of this will last ages and can be used instead of all three!

As a body wash it is non-irritating and gentle enough for everyday use as well as being protective of baby's soft, delicate skin from dryness and irritation. I thought that because it lathered really well as a shampoo with rather vigorous massaging it may be difficult to get it to foam up as a body wash but I put it on her bath mitt and Lexi washed herself down and it did lather really well without needing to scrub her delicate skin. It left her skin soft, smooth, silky and smelling sweet and fresh.

Lexi absolutely loved her gorgeous smelling bubbly bath and was peeking over the side of the bath as Mummy ran the water watching the bubbles swirl and foam up and couldn't wait to climb in She was then really happy with her lovely smelling hair and soft skin and even tried to make Daddy use it when he had a shower as she wanted him to share in her experience! I must say, the bubble bath did look and smell amazing!

Although quite expensive on the face of things being £6.89 for 150ml, I actually think it works out at good value for money as you only have to buy one product as oppose to three and because you only need the tiniest amount, I think it will last as long, if not longer, than having the three cheaper products which actually add up to being more expensive. So I honestly think this is a good price for peace of mind and purity! You can purchase Green People's Organic Babies Chamomile Body Wash & Shampoo directly from them on their website here. It is also available in a trial/travel size too which is priced at £3.35 for 30ml and can be bought here on their website.

If you'd like more information about this product or any other fantastic, Organic products from Green People then pop over to their website here where they have lots of information about the company, their products and some fabulous September special offers to celebrate Organic September. They also have a Facebook page here where you can chat to them, learn more about their products and ask any questions.

I really liked this product and, from Lexi's reaction at bathtime, I think she really liked it too so I will most definitely give it the Loved By Lexi seal of approval! Thank you Green People, your Organic Babies Chamomile Baby Wash and Shampoo is a 100% success in our household and is certainly Loved By Lexi.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Dotty Bots : Birth to Potty Bamboo Nappy

I have never really got on well with reusable nappies. When Lexi was first born Lexi's Daddy and I went to a lot of expense and bought an entire kit from a well-known reusable nappy company which were birth to potty nappies. The kit was well over £300 and had a dirty nappy bucket, washing machine bag and lots of different inserts included. After using them for a week we realised they were just rubbish! They leaked and we were told by the representative that it was because Lexi was too "slim" - when she was born 8lb 4oz which I don't think is particularly small!! Anyway, because of this catastrophe, I have never wanted to use reusable nappies again so we have always stuck to good old Pampers. So when I was asked to review a Birth to Potty Bamboo Nappy by Dotty Bots I was a little sceptical but thought I would give it a go....

They sent us the Purple Star design which I think is really stylish and cute! My first impression was that I really liked the look of it; the bamboo inserts are really soft and thick, the outer lining of the nappy is soft and shiny and comes in lots of really sweet and funky designs yet it also looks to be very practical!

There are different types and varieties of extra lining inserts you can buy for them which is great as you can add more for extra absorbency if needed. The inserts are really easy to put into the 'pocket' inside the nappy so no hassle and fuss when trying to get a nappy off and on quickly and effortlessly. They simply slip into the pocket piece of cake!

The nappy has poppers on the front so you can change the size, leg width, height etc of the nappy so it will fit all little ones from tiny babies right up to potty age and beyond. Lexi is 2 and is very slim for her age so we were able to have the height at full size but simply pop the poppers in further so it fit well round her waist and didn't leave any gaps for leakage. The possibilities for size and adjustment are endless as Dotty Bots have obviously thought out the design of their nappies really well and included exactly the right amount of poppers so that the nappy really will fit everyone!

The elastic around the leg area is great too. It isn't too tight that it pinches yet isn't too loose so there is possibility for leakage. The fabric has been gathered in such a way over the elastic that there is no way any wee wee or poo can escape!

The nappies are washable so I just popped it into the machine with Lexi's other washing and, as it was raining, was really impressed that it is also suitable for tumble drying which meant that you wouldn't have to have nappies lying around all over the house drying on those rainy days! However, to be as environmentally friendly as possible - the second time I washed it, it wasn't raining so I popped it on the line and left it to dry. Because the nappy is made from Bamboo, as are the inserts, it did take a while to dry but Dotty Bots had already told me this. After 6 hours on the line in the sunshine, they were dry as a bone and ready to use again!

Mostly importantly when using any type of nappy is absorbency: Lexi usually needs her bum changed once a night because it is full of wee wee when I go in to check on her but, after 8 hours in her Purple Star Bamboo Nappy from Dotty Bots, Lexi was still fine and her nappy only then needed changing because she had had a poo. I did use both bamboo inserts too for maximum absorbency but even so, I think the fact that the nappy was able to soak up an entire night's worth of wee from a 2 year old toddler is amazing!

When I used reusable nappies before Lexi was only a tiny baby so I think they maybe seemed larger and more bulky than they actually were but, even so, I really didn't like how bulky and bottom heavy they made her look. This was not true of the nappy from Dotty Bots. Lexi looked completely in proportion and didn't look bottom heavy at all. She didn't seem hindered by wearing it either and was her usual hyper-active self running around and jumping everywhere.

I was actually quite surprised at the price of Dotty Bots' nappies. As I said before, we paid over £300 for a complete set with another well-known company for which we received 20 nappies, a bucket and a wash bag making those nappies £15 each (which at the time we thought was a bargain)! We also had to buy all inserts separately too! So when I looked at Dotty Bots' website and saw that their Bamboo Nappies not only come with 2 bamboo inserts included in the price, but they are only £12 each!! What an absolute bargain!

Dotty Bots have lots of fantastic colours, styles and designs available on their website Here. You can view all their designs and styles and order your own life enhancing reusable nappies for your little one!!

Their original nappies are priced at just £8.50 and you can take a look at the full range Here,

Their Bamboo nappies are just £12.00 and can be viewed and purchased Here

Their gorgeous Couture nappies are just £9.50 and can be seen in all their glory Here

Dotty Bots' website also has fantastic other reusable products including wet bags, wipes (coming soon) and much more! So pop over and take a peek! You can also pop over and say hi to them on Facebook: Dotty Bots Cloth Nappies Facebook Page

I wish I had discovered Dotty Bots' Bamboo Nappies years ago because I would definitely have used them instead of disposables! Sadly, Lexi is coming up to being ready for potty training so it would be wasteful for me to buy any more now; I will definitely be using Dotty Bots in the future though should Lexi's Daddy and I decide we'd like any more children. We haven't decided yet but I will 100% be investing in a complete set of Dotty Bots' if we do! High quality, high absorbency and low price!

Thank you Dotty Bots for changing my views and perspective of reusable nappies and proving that they can be highly absorbent, high quality, stylish, less bulky and great value for money! Your Purple Bamboo Nappy was definitely loved by Lexi's Mummy and, being drier for longer is definitely Loved By Lexi!

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Bandai: Up, Down And All Around Monkey from Tinga Tinga Tales

Lexi absolutely loves Tinga Tinga Tales on CBeebies so when we were sent Up, Down And All Around Monkey by Bandai she was delighted!

For those of you in the minority who don't know what Tinga Tinga Tales is:-

"You may think you know why Elephant has a long trunk, why Tortoise has a broken shell, why Giraffe has a long neck, or why Leopard has spots, but actually, the reason for each is a whole other story!

Tinga Tinga Tales brings to life tall tales of how your favourite animals came to be the way they are today.

Based upon animal creation stories from all over the African continent, Tinga Tinga Tales brings to life fantastical tales, through stories and music, of how your child's favourite animals came to be the way they are today. Ever wonder why Flamingo stands on one leg, or why Lion roars? Tinga Tinga Tales may just have the answer.

Our hero Monkey and his friends Elephant, Tortoise, Tickbird, Hippo and Lion will take your child on a unique safari of adventure and story-telling.

The animation in Tinga Tinga Tales was made in Kenya, based on Tingatinga art from Tanzania, and draws upon the inspiring talent of East African artists and musicians."

You can watch a video here.

Up, Down And All Around Monkey looks exactly like Monkey does on TV. He has the same gorgeous bright red colour, same striking African style markings, same cheeky Monkey grin and sounds exactly like Monkey from Tinga Tinga Tales.

We had a small wrestle with the packaging to set him free; but once we had set him free there were so many features and so much fun to be had by Lexi that she didn't know where to start!

Up, Down And All Around Monkey talks corresponding to what you are doing and how you are holding him. When he is lying on his front he says "Pick me up and make it snappy" and "I'm over here", when upright he says "Can you turn me upside down" and "I'm swinging, look at me", when you lie him on his back he retorts with "Are you going to pick me up straight away now or straight away next year?" and the sayings that Lexi enjoyed most of all were said when she was swinging him by his tail and he laughed saying "Whoosh I'm upside down" and "Ssssh I'm hiding from crocodile". He also laughs whilst you are playing with him which Lexi found highly amusing. All his sayings are said in his African accented cheeky voice which Lexi instantly recognised from being from her TV programme.

Monkey can hang from his tail or his arm because both have, what I can only describe as, a joint in the middle of them which twists and bends so he can tell when he is swinging or hanging or being carried which is a really fun and unique feature to any character based toys Lexi has ever owned.

Lexi loves monkeys anyway and Up, Down And All Around Monkey fast became her favourite:-

Mission One: Dancing
Lexi knew that Monkey would love dancing and he proved it when she was swinging him around wildly by laughing and giggling as she did it.

Because of the innovative way that he can tell exactly how you are holding and what you are doing with him, he was saying exactly the right things at the right time which Lexi was delighted about.

Mission Two: Sliding
Lexi instinctively knew that Monkey would love to go down the slide too. Not only because he matched the slide in colour but also because she was carrying him around the garden by his tail which meant he was already 'excited' and laughing so she just knew that he would like to "weeeeee" down the slide - which he did! No other toy has ever invoked quite such excitement in Lexi purely by going down her slide and laughing as they did it.

Lexi spent a good hour putting Monkey down the slide again and again and again!

Mission Three: Riding Pillion
After seeing how much Monkey 'enjoyed' their fun on the slide, Lexi thought that Monkey would like to go for a ride in her trike. She started off with him in the seat and her riding along behind but soon realised that it was Mummy pushing as oppose to Monkey peddling so she changed her tactics and decided she would ride and Monkey could ride pillion.

Apparently, according to Lexi, Monkey absolutely loves going round and round and round the patio hundreds of times as he was making so much noise and saying "Are you going to pick me up now...." etc which she thought was so much fun! I'm not sure who looked like they were enjoying themselves more; Lexi or Monkey! ;)

Mission Four: Swinging
Lexi decided she wanted to see just how fast she could spin round whilst swinging Monkey. It almost ended in tears as she was getting very dizzy but wouldn't give up trying because she was getting so much enjoyment from Monkey speaking to her and enjoying the swinging from his tail. She spun him around so many times I'm surprised Monkey didn't get dizzy!

As you can see, Lexi absolutely loved having fun with Monkey and is still discovering more and more of his fun features.

Up, Down And All Around Monkey is just one of the fantastic products in Bandai's Tinga Tinga Tales range. All of them look fantastic! You can view Bandai's full range of Tinga Tinga Tales toys on their website here and can even pop over and say hi on their Facebook page here too.

Up, Down And All Around Monkey is on sale on Bandai's website for £25.00 which I think is a bargain price for such a fantastic toy which provides hours and hours of fun for little ones. Suitable from 18 months.


Not only do Bandai make amazing Tinga Tinga Tales products, but, to make the products even more desirable, Tinga Tinga Tales brand works with a charity called We Give Books, where for every Tinga book bought, a child in Africa gets a book.

I think this is an amazing thing to do and, having read some information about the charity, I think it is a very worthy and worthwhile cause. So well done Bandai, it's so refreshing for a large, well-known company to give back in such a selfless, generous way!

If you'd like more information about the Charity visit the Tinga Tinga Tales website : here or you can take a look at the Charity's website direct here:
We Give Books

As you can tell from all I've said; not only do I love Bandai for their Charity work and great quality products, but Up, Down And All Around Monkey is absolutely adored and genuinely Loved By Lexi.