Monday, 1 August 2011

JOHNSON'S Baby: 'Instant Comfort For Little Bottoms' 2 Week Challenge

We were asked to take part in the JOHNSON'S Baby Instant Comfort For Little Bottoms 2 Week Challenge.

The Company

I have always used Johnson's Baby products on Lexi including their baby bath, baby wash and gorgeous smelling baby shampoo, so when I discovered that they had brought out a new Nappy Cream I was delighted and would probably have bought some to test even if they hadn't asked me to participate in their Challenge.

The Product

Johnson's Baby said of the product:

"New Johnson's Baby Nappy Cream helps protect from the causes of nappy rash by forming an instant barrier to keep irritants away from the skin, whilst gently working with baby's skin to help repair it's own protective layer.

The hypoallergenic formula has a light texture meaning it applies easily yet instantly working hard to protect from the causes of nappy rash and restoring comfort and baby softness."

The Challenge

The Challenge entailed us substituting our current nappy cream for new Johnson's Baby Nappy Cream for 2 weeks to see whether there was any change or improvement in Lexi's nappy area. They asked us to use it daily if we didn't already but I have always been a firm believer of prevention is better than cure so always apply nappy cream liberally every single nappy change so it wasn't a change of routine for me to apply every day.

As you lovely readers will know, I have used every nappy cream available at some point but always swore by Metanium and Sudacrem as my favourites. Could Johnson's Baby change that?

Lexi isn't prone to nappy rash but does occasionally get a nasty looking flare-up which looks painful, red, blotchy and very sore. Whilst using new Johnson's Baby Nappy Cream Lexi didn't have a single flare-up of nappy rash which was fantastic. The cream itself is great too; very easy to apply without having to rub at baby's sensitive bottom and nappy area and has a lovely smooth, creamy texture that is a nice thick consistently but not too rigid that you can't spread it properly. It smells divine too; the "baby" smell we all know and love and is easily recognisable as being Johnson's which I loved about it most of all. Smells beautiful, spreads easily and works. What more can you ask for from a Nappy Cream?!

As for lasting: I found it lasted really well. There was still a small amount of the cream left in the morning but not too much that it looked like it hadn't worked and had just ended up smeared all over the nappy. It stayed on Lexi's skin and really did protect her from wetness. I did the ultimate longevity test by applying the cream to my hand and running it under fast running water to see whether it could hold it's own against a raging tap....

The cream passed my harsh test with flying colours! What more can I say?

The cream is absolutely brilliant and if you'd like some more information then pop over to the Johnson’s website. The cream is slightly more expensive than my current brand but at £2.59 per 110g tube it is definitely worth the few extra pennies to be getting the peace of mind that the brand name Johnson's gives! I will certainly be changing to Johnson's Baby Nappy Cream from now on!

Don't just take my word for it: Lexi's Daddy had this to say (and he doesn't usually worry too much about what products we use as long as they do their job well!):

"That [Johnson's Nappy Cream] is much better than the one we usually use. It stays on and sticks to the skin better and doesn't rub off so easily. It does whats needed. We'll use that from now on yes?"

Thank you Johnson's Baby; your products have always been a favourite in our household but now I can positively say that your Nappy Cream is also Loved By Lexi, Lexi's Mummy AND Lexi's Daddy too!

Johnson's Baby's Top Tips for Avoiding Nappy Rash

Aswell as sending us some amazing nappy cream to trial, Johnson's also included a list of Top Tips to Avoid Nappy Rash which were very conscientious and thorough so I thought I would share their Tips with you:-

"1. Prevention is better than cure; Apply a barrier cream after each nappy change, protecting the skin from irritation while allowing it to breath. This can help prevent nappy rash from occurring in the first place.

2. Thorough but gentle clean; Clean your baby's nappy area thoroughly using a gentle cleanser such as Johnson's Baby Wipes. Check your baby's skin is clean and dry before putting on a new nappy.

3. Getting some air time; Leave the nappy off as much as possible allowing your baby's skin to breath.

4. Dry bottoms equal no more tears; Change the nappy as regularly as possible to prevent the skin having direct contact with urine and faeces whilst ensuring that you thoroughly dry your baby's bottom by patting (not rubbing) it with a towel after washing.

5. Weaning and teething; Take particular care to use a nappy cream at certain times such as when your baby is teething or weaning, both of which can cause babies to develop painful nappy rash.

6. Ask the expert; Finally, if you are concerned about your baby, don't be afraid to ask your midwife, pharmacist or doctor for advice or log on to to get some more great tips on how to protect from the causes of nappy rash."


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