Monday, 29 August 2011

Halos 'N' Horns: The Little Book of Holiday Fun

Having reviewed a few Halos 'N' Horns products, which I loved, I was delighted to be sent their brand new and improved The Little Book of Holiday Fun to read and gain ideas from.

The Little Book of Holiday Fun can be requested absolutely free of charge direct from Halos 'N' Horns website here so pop over and order your copy now!

Summer might be almost over if you ask the calendar but by looking at the weather forecast for September I think we are going to have plenty of wonderful weather to look forward to so this little book is perfect for ideas to keep you children and whole family entertained no matter what the weather!

If you'd rather read The Little Book of Holiday Fun online then you can do so by visiting their PDF version here.

The Little Book of Holiday Fun is jam packed with ideas for things do to on a rainy day, beach activities, swimming related activities and games, car journey games and activities to keep the kids amused on long journeys or when stuck in traffic, bath-time fun ideas, creative fun for both those used to doing crafty things aswell as those (like me) who can't even draw a stick man properly! There are also lots of fun ideas for days out, picnics, nature related activities and much more besides to ensure that you and your little ones have a Summer (and Autumn!) that are packed full of "Good Clean Fun".

Not only does The Little Book of Holiday Fun contain all these exciting indoor and outdoor activity ideas, but as an added bonus there is also a 50p off coupon enclosed which can be used to buy any of the Halos 'N' Horns Kids Range. Perfect!

Lexi, Mummy and Daddy had lots of fun trying out all the fantastic ideas contained in The Little Book of Holiday Fun making not only Halos 'N' Horns Loved By Lexi but, because it enriched our Summer holiday and helped us spend more time as a family, The Little Book of Holiday Fun is also very much loved by the whole family which means it was most definitely Loved By Lexi!