Monday, 29 August 2011

Green People: 100% Natural Mandarin & Aloe Vera Children's Toothpaste

When most people look at a person they may notice their eyes or hair or some other feature; I notice teeth! It may sound strange but teeth really are the first thing I notice about somebody and therefore have always been very conscientious about brushing my teeth properly and *touch wood* my OCD about it seems to be working as I have no fillings and have never had to have any work done on my teeth or needed to have my teeth cleaned even though I drink red wine and black coffee. I know I'm only 25 but I know many people who have had to have fillings already so I feel very lucky that I have none thanks to my brutal brushing regime!

Because I am so OTT about my teeth cleaning, I have tried very hard to ensure that Lexi is the same with her oral hygiene and brushes at least twice a day for 2 minutes at a time. I also do teeth inspection after she has brushed to make sure we haven't missed any little toothy pegs. She is a "big girl" now so insists on brushing her teeth herself but I then brush them afterwards to ensure they are done thoroughly as I definitely don't want any premature tooth loss and I'd love for her to have the same healthy teeth and gums that I have. That's where Green People come in....

Green People sent us their 100% natural Mandarin and Aloe Vera Children's Toothpaste for us to try out. The toothpaste is certified Organic, certified Organic with EcoCert, specially blended for babies and children, contains no SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate), no fluoride and is made from 100% natural ingredients aswell as being 100% vegetarian, 100% vegan, 100% cruelty-free ingredients and 100% gentle for little ones' teeth and gums and is completely safe if swallowed so is perfect for both babies and children!

The toothpaste they sent us was Mandarin flavoured which Lexi wasn't too keen on. I think this was mainly because she has always used minty toothpaste so was a little confused using something that tasted different to the norm. Green People make the toothpaste in different flavours though, one of which is Spearmint, so I think she would probably have liked this a little better. I'm sure though that after using it for a little longer, Lexi will learn to like the Mandarin flavour but she was just utterly confused that her toothbrush tasted "odd" so wasn't too enamoured by it. You can view the different flavours on the Green People website here. They sell Mandarin and Spearmint flavours for children aswell as Fennel, Citrus, Minty Cool and Mint flavours for adults which sound intriguing! All their toothpastes are priced at £3.50 for 50ml which is an average price for good toothpaste so I think it fits well into the market.

The fact that the toothpaste doesn't "foam up" like other toothpastes means that the tube lasts for quite a long time as you don't need too much of it to really clean all of your teeth. Lexi couldn't really explain herself what she thought of the toothpaste so I gave it a try myself and really liked it. I must agree with Lexi's facial expression indicating that it tastes "odd" as it really was a strange sensation brushing my teeth with something that firstly didn't foam up and secondly wasn't mint flavoured but, after getting used to the flavour, it was a pleasant experience brushing my teeth without my entire mouth getting full up of foam as I was able to carefully brush each and every tooth and could actually see what I was brushing and where I was brushing!

I have used many different toothpastes in my time including one that is made from chalk, the same as this toothpaste, so I am used to having a gritty sensation in my mouth when brushing. However, I think that anybody who hasn't used and liked chalky type toothpastes in the past may dislike the taste and texture because it doesn't feel anything like "normal" toothpaste.

To counter the texture though, this toothpaste really did leave my teeth feeling amazingly clean! Having worked my way through hundreds of different toothpastes, the Green People Mandarin & Aloe Vera Children's Toothpaste left my teeth feeling and looking the cleanest so I can't wait to order and try out the adult's toothpaste because, if the children's is anything to go by, it will work beautifully and leave my teeth sparkling!

The active ingredients in the Children's toothpaste are Betaine which provides gentle foaming action without harmful detergents, Aloe Vera which is soothing and healing for tender poorly little baby teething gums, Olive Leaf Extract which provides a protective antioxidant aswell as Mandarin, Orange and Myrrh essential oils which are known for their antibacterial and antiseptic properties. No need for harmful "nasties" in your child's or your own mouth thanks to Green People!

The most amazing thing about this Green People product is that 10% of net profit is donated to Charity which I think is a wonderful thing for Green People to do!

If you'd like more information about Green People as a company, their Charity work, their products or to just say hi pop over to the Green People Facebook page here.

You can order the Mandarin Toothpaste here or take a look at the other fantastic Green People products on their website here. Hurry and make your order as Green People have free delivery on all orders in August so there are only a couple of days left to take advantage of this brilliant offer!

Thank you Green People, although Lexi wasn't too keen on the taste of the toothpaste to start with, Mummy loved the fact that her own and Lexi's teeth were left feeling and looking cleaner, fresher and sparkling. Having healthy teeth and gums is most definitely Loved By Lexi's Mummy and will certainly be appreciated by Lexi when she is older!