Monday, 22 August 2011

VUP Baby: Janod Confetti Piano

Lexi loves music; it's in her blood as Mummy is a singer and plays the flute whilst Uncle Jack (Mummy's brother) plays electric guitar fantastically. There is always music in our household whether the radio, Mummy singing, Lexi dancing or an instrument of some description being strummed or played.

So when VUP Baby sent us the Janod Confetti Piano to review, they couldn't have picked a more perfect "toy" for Lexi especially as it was delivered on her 2nd birthday so she was ecstatic...

VUP Baby make non-toxic baby products which are free from BPAs, PVC and phthalates making their drinking, feeding, essentials and toys for babies through to pre-schoolers healthier for our little ones. If the Janod Confetti Piano is anything to go by, their products are amazing too!

Their service was fantastic and the piano was boxed perfectly so there was no damage in transit which is always a bonus with our couriers and post people!!

Lexi was in sheer delight when the Janod Confetti Piano arrived; she couldn't even wait for Mummy to open the box as she was too excited. She was ripping the plastic off and trying to open the box the second she laid eyes on it and had a huge smile on her face of anticipation.

The Piano is 27cm high and suitable from 18 months old. Made of wood and painted white with brightly coloured, eye catching spots above the keys it was an instant hit with Lexi!

The Janod Confetti Piano is very well made. The wood is solid so isn't likely to be broken by a boisterous toddler - believe me Lexi sure gave it a bashing and it hasn't got a mark on it! It looks gorgeous too, Lexi looked like a miniature pianist sitting on the floor tinkling away and was enthralled for hours!

What I was amazed at and think it brilliant for something so small and aimed at children is that the piano is a proper hammer piano so makes the beautiful wooden noise that is so distinctive and melodic as oppose to being a tinny sounding keyboard type piano. The fact that it is a hammer piano is both lovely to listen to and also means that Lexi will, without realising, be learning the sound and feel or a proper full-sized piano so that when she is older, perhaps she can continue to learn. An added bonus to the Janod Confetti Piano being a hammer piano is that the sound of your little one bashing away on the keys for hours on end doesn't become tedious as no matter what notes they play, in what order or how loudly they play; the piano still sounds beautiful!

The Janod Confetti Piano is available to buy online from VUP Baby here and retails for £54.95. This may sound like a lot of money but factor in that an electronic toy of any description would be this price or more aswell as the fact that this Janod Confetti Piano is just as well made and beautifully crafted as a full-size hammer piano which would retail for hundreds or thousands of pounds, I think this is a wonderful price for something which provides hour after hour of wholesome fun for children of all ages over 18 months and which will last for many, many years to come.

I am amazed at the quality of this piano and how long it has kept not only Lexi but her friend Louis who is 5, Uncle Jack who is 22, Mummy who is 25 and Daddy who is 35 amused and how much fun we all had playing it, encouraging Lexi to clap and sing along to it, dance to it and have hours of family fun together with it. This piano will remain a firm favourite in this household for many, many years and we will definitely be encouraging Lexi to continue to learn and develop her pianist skills, even from such a young age, as I firmly believe that music is food for your soul and Lexi will benefit enormously from having such a fantastic toy.

VUP Baby sell lots and lots of fantastic products including other Janod Confetti musical instrument toys including xylophones, guitars, rainstick, musical set, drums, musical table, tambourine, maracas and lots more; all of which look amazing.

I will definitely be building Lexi's collection of Janod Confetti musical toys from VUP Baby and if you'd like to take a look at the Janod Confetti toys or any other products available from VUP Baby then pop over to their website here or their Facebook page here.

The Janod Confetti Piano was enjoyed by all of the family but was most especially enormously Loved By Lexi!


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