Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Top That! Publishing - Pandamonium & Cub's First Winter Books

I have always been a firm believer that reading feeds your mind. I read at least an entire book every couple of days and have read books of every genre, many different authors and different lengths and levels of greatness. If there is nothing left to read I will happily pick up an old classic or favourite and re-read it as I really do love to read. I also believe that reading is a very important educational tool whether at school or at home. A great example would be that my level of competence when it comes to spelling and use of grammar I think is very good; whereas Lexi's Daddy, who isn't much of a reader having only read one book so far this year, isn't the world's best speller and prefers to use well-known words as oppose to being more adventurous with vocabulary. I honestly think that a lot of this is down to the fact that I read so much and am therefore constantly digesting words, vocabulary, spelling, grammar and use of words whilst reading so, without even realising it, am constantly learning. Which is why I really hope to pass my love of reading on to Lexi in the hope that she too will see the wonder of being transported into not only the minds of the author but into the lives and loves of the characters in the story whilst picking up and developing her English skills.

So when Top That! Publishing sent Lexi two cute books to review for them, I was really pleased. Obviously she already had early baby-ish books for learning ABC, touch and texture books, well-known character picture books and simple story books but I hadn't yet ventured into buying her a 'proper' book. I was delighted with her reaction to these two...

Both books are published by Top That! Publishing plc and look great! They have large glossy covers which draw the reader into opening up to find out what other delights await them inside the crisp, shiny and colourful pages! At only £5.99 RRP each, they are absolutely perfect for starting your toddler's book collection or expanding your child's already growing collection!

Pandamonium written by Dan Crisp and illustrated by Mark Chambers
This book is a very amusing, humorous story about the 'Panda monium' which ensues whilst the zookeeper sleeps and the animals get up to mischief. Written in rhyme to make it easy to understand and fun to read for younger children and fun for toddlers' parents to read out loud to their little ones I couldn't help but smile and laugh along with Lexi as I read it to her. She smiled and pointed out all the animals in the book with sheer delight and loved every second of it asking for me to read it "again" and "again" and "again"!

Cub's First Winter by Rebecca Elliott

A clear favourite, Cub's First Winter was a huge hit with Lexi who absolutely loved it. She had Mummy read it to her over and over again before then taking it to Nana for her to read too.
Then Grandad too had to join in and be shown Lexi's already chosen favourite pictures, read the wonderful story to Lexi for the umpteenth time and share in the enjoyment that Lexi got from this fabulous book.
I couldn't describe the book better than quote the back of the book:-
"Children will love to join Cub as he experiences his first winter in this heart-warming bedtime story
A real smile inducing story that Lexi, Mummy, Daddy, Nana and Grandad all enjoyed reading. Well written and beautifully illustrated, I would highly recommend it to all parents!

If you'd like more information about these books or any of the other fantastic books published by Top That! Publishing, then pop over to their website: www.topthatpublishing.com where they have hundreds of books for all ages.

As proven by Pandamonium and especially Cub's First Winter, Top That! Publishing are most definitely Loved By Lexi!

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