Saturday, 23 July 2011

Betty Crocker: Lemon Flavour Cupcake Mix

As I said when Lexi and I made the last batch of Betty Crocker cupcakes; I've never been one of those amazing Mummies who manages to find time to make their own bread and bake cakes and cookies for local stalls and still find time to bake for their family and friends. So when Betty Crocker asked if I would like to review their cupcake mixes, I was a little worried that my baking ability would hinder my competence at being able to create mouth-wateringly delicious looking cupcakes like those on the front of the box! Thankfully I was wrong as there really isn't much skill or finesse required and the cupcakes really do turn out brilliantly (even with my lack of ability!!). It definitely helped that this was the second round of cupcake making so I had learned from any small mistakes and honed my technique!

All you need is your cupcake mix box contents, 60ml of water, 2 eggs, a little bit of vegetable oil and 10-15ml of milk. The box contains cupcake mix, icing, sprinkles and the cupcake cases.

It really is simple... Three very quick and easy steps...

1. Beat the eggs, water, oil and sachet of cake mix together in a bowl. Lexi hand-whisked ours again because it was much more fun than Mummy using the electric whisk! However, after the last time, I was prepared for the mess and had plenty of cloths to hand!

2. Spoon the mixture into the cupcake cases (provided). This was a palaver last time as Lexi insisted on doing it single-handedly and more mixture was poured on the table and tray than in the cupcake cases! It does say on the box that a helpful hint would be to put the mixture into a jug and pour it in rather than using a spoon so this time that's what we did. It worked an absolute treat!!

3. Whilst the cupcakes were baking for 16 minutes and then cooling on a wire rack, Lexi and Mummy did the final step which was to beat the icing with the milk. This time, after the mistake of adding the milk too quickly and producing extremely runny icing, we were a lot more careful and added the milk very slowly just a drop at a time and thankfully it worked! The icing was a lovely thick paste and was so easy to spread onto the cupcakes. It didn't run down the cases like last time, instead sitting beautifully on top of the cupcakes making them look gorgeous aswell as easier to eat!

Then the bit Lexi enjoyed the most last time, and again this time... Sprinkles! She was more careful this time so the sprinkles were a little more even on each cake although they still had Lexi's flair of being heaped into the middle of each cupcake proving again they were made with love and fun was had making them by Lexi.

Lexi and Mummy had so much fun making the cupcakes but nothing could equal the look of sheer pride and delight on Lexi's face when she showed Daddy the cupcakes she had made "all by herself".

They may not have looked exactly as they did on the box, although these definitely looked more like they should than the last batch...

And again, these were delicious...

I cannot sing the praises and talk about the ease of making these cupcakes enough. If Lexi and I can make them, anyone can! And no matter how many 'oops' moments you have when making them (like us with the milk in the icing with the last batch), the cupcakes still turn out looking good and tasting amazing. The more you make them, the better they get as we have proven... These were an infinitely better success than the last batch and Lexi and I were really proud of ourselves afterwards!

If you'd like to have a go at making some cupcakes yourself then take a look at the Betty Crocker website: Betty Crocker where they have a huge range of mixes for brownies, muffins, cookies, cakes and cupcakes in varying yummy sounding flavours! They are also available to buy from Sainsburys, Waitrose, Asda, Morrisons, Ocado, Nisa, Booths and other outlets aswell as online.

You can also visit their Facebook page: Betty Crocker Facebook for great recipe ideas!

Quick, simple, so much fun and delicious ... What more can you ask for!

Thank you Betty Crocker: making your Lemon Flavour Cupcakes and then eating our own creations was very, very much Loved by both Mummy and Lexi!