Sunday, 24 July 2011

LUSH: Fresh Handmade Cosmetics

We all love to feel pampered once in a while especially when the nearest we get to it with toddlers is a quick scrub in the shower or sitting in an inch of lukewarm water using their water to wash our hair! So when I was sent some goodies from LUSH I was ecstatic - yet quietly worried about how on earth I would find the time to soak in a gorgeous, scented bubblebath or use any nice smellies without them being commandeered or ruined by Lexi. Thankfully, LUSH sent something for both myself and Lexi so I actually managed to use mine without her wanting it for her own bath or trying to use it before I got a chance...

Ickle Baby Bot Bath Ballistic


Lavender and chamomile sleep-inducing bath for kids. Cunningly disguised as a robot. Run a warm bath. Drop it in and enjoy the fragrant fizz.

After running Lexi's bath, she was so happy to be able to get involved and drop the robot into the bath so she could watch the ballistic fizz and make fantastic blue patterns erupt across the surface of the water. The robot fizzed up and soon the water was a lovely blue colour which Lexi loved.

Once she was in the bath she had lots of fun chasing the fizzy bubbles across the bathtub and splashing. The water felt amazing on her skin, leaving it really soft and silky and smelling sweet and fresh. I don't know whether it was my imagination or wishful thinking but I really do think that the gorgeous smell of lavender and chamomile made Lexi more sleepy before bedtime! I will definitely be buying more of these to use as a treat for Lexi as they retail at just £1.75 and can be bought online or instore from LUSH themselves.

Honey I Washed The Kids Soap


Real honey hand and body soap to soothe and sweetly scent your skin.

I have quite sensitive skin and am prone to dry patches so am very careful with what I use on my skin and especially face but I was willing to give this soap a try and I know that LUSH use little or no preservatives and use the freshest most organic ingredients to make their products simply well.. Lush!

It really did deliver on it's promises; my skin felt gorgeous after using it and smelt absolutely divine! I thought that honey and toffee smelling soap would be sickly and leave me smelling like Lexi had chucked her dessert over me but I was definitely wrong. The smell is amazing and even Lexi sniffed my cheek and said "Mmmmm yum yum"!! I thought the soap was great and have actually since been to our local LUSH shop and bought some more because I liked it so much! At only £3.25 for a large chunk of soap, I thought it was great value as it lasts for ages and lathers so nicely that it goes really far on the sponge! It is available online and instore.

Twilight Ballistic


Immerse yourself in a lavender and ovaltine scented bath of froth and fizz. Drop into a full bath.

Last but by no means least was my absolute favourite of the LUSH products we were sent. Sadly, the postman hadn't been particularly careful with my parcel so it actually arrived looking a little less like the picture on the website...

But no fear: the fact the ballistic was smashed thankfully wasn't detrimental to the product which was absolutely fantastic! I loved it! After finding time to have a lovely, long soak, I dropped the Twilight ballistic into the bath and watched it fizz and froth up creating this gorgeous aroma that filled the bathroom and smelled wonderful!

The bath frothed and fizzed with fabulous looking pink, blue and purple swirls of bubbles which looked so enticing to slip into. I was in heaven the second I stepped into the bath as the water had become a deep blue pool of silky, soapy gorgeousness! My skin felt beautiful and I revelled in the bath until it went cold which is a real treat for me as I don't usually get such relaxation!

For those rare occasions of tranquility where I get a long, luxurious soak in the bath, I will definitely be buying myself some more Twilight ballistics. At £2.99 each I will have to treat myself as I'm not one for spending money on pampering for me, but I think in this instance, I will definitely be splashing out on a little treat! These ballistics are available online and instore along with hundreds of other amazing smelling, looking and feeling products from LUSH so pop over to their website here to see their extensive range or to find out more information about this fantastic organic company!

LUSH's Ickle Baby Bot was immensely Loved By Lexi and the rare, luxurious treat of Honey I Washed The Kids soap and Twilight Ballistic were absolutely, positively Loved by Lexi's Mummy!

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