Saturday, 23 July 2011

Bebemoda: Bumkins Waterproof SuperBib

Lexi, like all toddlers, is a very messy eater getting food all down her front, all over the highchair, all over the floor, all over the cats, all up the wall and just about everywhere but in her mouth!

So when Bebemoda asked us to review their top selling Bumkins Waterproof SuperBib I was very happy with the thought that perhaps, eventually, this was the solution I had been searching for in keeping a little less food down her front and a little more in her mouth!

The bib comes in an array of funky colours and cute designs including two Dr Seuss choices. We opted for the pink fizz which was the most vibrant and my favourite for Lexi.

Not only do the bibs look brilliantly fun and funky, but they are practical and have been well thought out. The velcro that fastens around the neck is long enough that the bib will fit for a very long time without being too tight or so loose that food falls under the chin. You can fit the bib to your child exactly so that it's always the perfect size.

The material is great too; very easy to wipe clean, no stains or greasy smudges left behind and is very durable. Being durable and practical I thought that the bib would be uncomfortable but Lexi didn't seem to think so. She loved wearing it and was very proud to show it off to people when she wore it out at lunch.

Added to being wipe clean, it is also machine washable and colourfast so you can bung it in the washing machine when it gets really grubby and it will still come out looking as good as new. I tested this theory by washing it in every wash I did for 3 days (about 4 washes) and it really did come out looking just as vibrant and uncreased as when it went in. Brilliant!

Aswell as being very practical, fitting well and looking cool and gorgeous, the SuperBib contains no PVC, no phthalates and no BPA and is suitable for ages 6 months to 2 years and it really is durable enough that it will last and last and last - even on a messy, destructive toddler!

Retailing at £7.99 they are a little expensive in comparison with some other bibs that I have bought, but after using it and seeing just how brilliant it is, I would certainly say it is well worth paying a little extra for something that will last for so long!

For more information visit the Bebemoda website. All the colours and designs are available to buy from Amazon so why not pop over and take a look!

Thank you Bebemoda, the Bumkins Waterproof SuperBib is fantastic and definitely Loved By Lexi.

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