Thursday, 21 July 2011

BornFree: Twist 'n' Pop Cup

Lexi was lucky enough to be sent a Twist 'n' Pop easy drink straw cup to review by Baby BornFree.

The cup is really eye catching - Lexi had been enticed to drink from it before I had even shown her how it worked!

Luckily I had handed it to her with the top already twisted with the straw sticking out because I later discovered that she wasn't able to do it herself. I found it really easy to use but I think Lexi is still a little young to master the twist action properly and was getting frustrated trying to turn the top the wrong way. I thought it twisted really easily though and I'm sure that with practice, Lexi will master it before too long at all!

Lexi, to begin with, couldn't quite work out how to get drink to come up through the straw and was trying to tip the cup up so the water flowed down the straw to her mouth which also frustrated her until Mummy showed her how to suck through the straw to get her drink out.

Once she had realised what she was supposed to be doing, she was well away and was so proud of herself for having used a straw for the first time totally successfully! The straw flows well too - not taking too much effort to get a drink but also not flowing out so fast that you get too much.

The cup comes in four fantastic, eye-catching colours:

Lexi absolutely loved the pink one. She took it everywhere with us for 3 days because she wanted to show everybody her new cup and prove how clever she was drinking through a straw and then the straw being hidden away (by Mummy) back in the cup when she was finished.

Other enticing attributes include the cup being so easy to take apart to clean and put back together again, it is completely dishwasher safe, it holds 400ml of drink which is the perfect amount for a couple of hours out and about without running out or being too heavy, spill proof so no puddles to clean up, for ages 2+, incorporates a hygienic pop up silicone straw and venting mechanism for comfortable drinking, it is made from plastic which is free from BPA, phthalates and PVC so is perfect for your peace of mind about what your toddler is putting in their mouth.

All in all, a perfect "grown-up" toddler cup! Priced at just £4.99, I think it is good value for money too; especially when you consider that the BornFree baby bottle and toddler range is fully interchangeable, making it convenient and economic at the same time as you can re-use the 'bottle' and just change the teat to a straw or spout as baby progresses to toddler and beyond which I think is amazing. Visit their website: for more information and to order online.

Thank you BornFree, you're Twist 'n' Pop Cup is brilliant and, once she has mastered twisting the straw herself, will be very, very much Loved By Lexi.

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