Thursday, 1 September 2011

Theraline : Animal Neck Pillow - SUN

We were asked to review Theraline's Animal Neck Pillows and were sent the very brightly coloured, eye catching yellow and orange Sun design.

Sun is just one of the gorgeous designs that are available from Theraline....

Lexi really liked the design of the Sun neck pillow as it is so brightly coloured and immediately captured her imagination. So much so that she was adamant to begin with that it was a toy as oppose to a practical item and insisted that it wanted to play with her dolls house with her.

I think she was a little confused as to what "animal" her Sun neck pillow was supposed to be as she was insistent that it made a "Rooooaaarrr" noise and was carrying it around roaring at it and making it roar at Daddy!

She wasn't too keen initially on having it around her neck but I did eventually prove to her just how comfortable it was to have it around her neck in the car in her car seat and she learned to love it!

Theraline's Animal Neck Pillows are made from a really soft velvety material which is lovely and silky on your skin. The filling is made from sand-like micro beads which are really fine so when you rest your head on it you aren't being jabbed by large, hard beads. The pillow is really comfortable and soft so is great for babies and children alike! It fits well around Lexi's neck and sits snuggly without falling off or crushing her which is great!

Theraline Animal Neck Pillows are available in two sizes - big which are perfect for bigger kids and older toddlers and are priced at £19.90 and small which are priced at £18.90. Both sizes and all designs can be bought direct from Theraline's online shop here.

Theraline don't just make Animal Neck Pillows; they sell all sorts of innovative, brilliant products for nursing, babies, toddlers and Mummies. So why not pop over to their website shop here, their website (not shop) here where there is lots of information about all their products or you could pop over to their Facebook page and say hi and keep up to date with any product information, promotions and news!

This fun children's neck pillow would've been an absolutely perfect addition to our consort when we travelled to see my Mum in Northern Cyprus in June as Lexi could've been a lot more comfortable in the 7 hour car journey to the airport aswell as the 6 hour wait at the airport AND the 7 hour flight where, because of her age, she didn't have her own seat and had to spend the entire time perched on Mummy's lap. It would've supported her neck when she fell asleep, supported her back and neck when sitting up for such long periods of time and made her so much more comfortable on our very long journey overall! I wish I had heard of Theraline Animal Neck Pillows sooner as I would definitely have invested in one if only for this holiday! Thankfully, we will have our gorgeous, brightly coloured Sun pillow for use next year when we go over to visit my Mum again as it would not only have provided a great sleep and travel pillow but Lexi would've had some practical yet fun to enjoy on the flight to keep her occupied!

The Theraline Animal Neck Pillow Sun will be a huge asset to our next holiday and, even though she used it as a toy more than as a neck pillow, once she had worked out what it was for, what it was and how to use it effectively, it was definitely Loved By Lexi.