Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Dotty Bots : Birth to Potty Bamboo Nappy

I have never really got on well with reusable nappies. When Lexi was first born Lexi's Daddy and I went to a lot of expense and bought an entire kit from a well-known reusable nappy company which were birth to potty nappies. The kit was well over £300 and had a dirty nappy bucket, washing machine bag and lots of different inserts included. After using them for a week we realised they were just rubbish! They leaked and we were told by the representative that it was because Lexi was too "slim" - when she was born 8lb 4oz which I don't think is particularly small!! Anyway, because of this catastrophe, I have never wanted to use reusable nappies again so we have always stuck to good old Pampers. So when I was asked to review a Birth to Potty Bamboo Nappy by Dotty Bots I was a little sceptical but thought I would give it a go....

They sent us the Purple Star design which I think is really stylish and cute! My first impression was that I really liked the look of it; the bamboo inserts are really soft and thick, the outer lining of the nappy is soft and shiny and comes in lots of really sweet and funky designs yet it also looks to be very practical!

There are different types and varieties of extra lining inserts you can buy for them which is great as you can add more for extra absorbency if needed. The inserts are really easy to put into the 'pocket' inside the nappy so no hassle and fuss when trying to get a nappy off and on quickly and effortlessly. They simply slip into the pocket piece of cake!

The nappy has poppers on the front so you can change the size, leg width, height etc of the nappy so it will fit all little ones from tiny babies right up to potty age and beyond. Lexi is 2 and is very slim for her age so we were able to have the height at full size but simply pop the poppers in further so it fit well round her waist and didn't leave any gaps for leakage. The possibilities for size and adjustment are endless as Dotty Bots have obviously thought out the design of their nappies really well and included exactly the right amount of poppers so that the nappy really will fit everyone!

The elastic around the leg area is great too. It isn't too tight that it pinches yet isn't too loose so there is possibility for leakage. The fabric has been gathered in such a way over the elastic that there is no way any wee wee or poo can escape!

The nappies are washable so I just popped it into the machine with Lexi's other washing and, as it was raining, was really impressed that it is also suitable for tumble drying which meant that you wouldn't have to have nappies lying around all over the house drying on those rainy days! However, to be as environmentally friendly as possible - the second time I washed it, it wasn't raining so I popped it on the line and left it to dry. Because the nappy is made from Bamboo, as are the inserts, it did take a while to dry but Dotty Bots had already told me this. After 6 hours on the line in the sunshine, they were dry as a bone and ready to use again!

Mostly importantly when using any type of nappy is absorbency: Lexi usually needs her bum changed once a night because it is full of wee wee when I go in to check on her but, after 8 hours in her Purple Star Bamboo Nappy from Dotty Bots, Lexi was still fine and her nappy only then needed changing because she had had a poo. I did use both bamboo inserts too for maximum absorbency but even so, I think the fact that the nappy was able to soak up an entire night's worth of wee from a 2 year old toddler is amazing!

When I used reusable nappies before Lexi was only a tiny baby so I think they maybe seemed larger and more bulky than they actually were but, even so, I really didn't like how bulky and bottom heavy they made her look. This was not true of the nappy from Dotty Bots. Lexi looked completely in proportion and didn't look bottom heavy at all. She didn't seem hindered by wearing it either and was her usual hyper-active self running around and jumping everywhere.

I was actually quite surprised at the price of Dotty Bots' nappies. As I said before, we paid over £300 for a complete set with another well-known company for which we received 20 nappies, a bucket and a wash bag making those nappies £15 each (which at the time we thought was a bargain)! We also had to buy all inserts separately too! So when I looked at Dotty Bots' website and saw that their Bamboo Nappies not only come with 2 bamboo inserts included in the price, but they are only £12 each!! What an absolute bargain!

Dotty Bots have lots of fantastic colours, styles and designs available on their website Here. You can view all their designs and styles and order your own life enhancing reusable nappies for your little one!!

Their original nappies are priced at just £8.50 and you can take a look at the full range Here,

Their Bamboo nappies are just £12.00 and can be viewed and purchased Here

Their gorgeous Couture nappies are just £9.50 and can be seen in all their glory Here

Dotty Bots' website also has fantastic other reusable products including wet bags, wipes (coming soon) and much more! So pop over and take a peek! You can also pop over and say hi to them on Facebook: Dotty Bots Cloth Nappies Facebook Page

I wish I had discovered Dotty Bots' Bamboo Nappies years ago because I would definitely have used them instead of disposables! Sadly, Lexi is coming up to being ready for potty training so it would be wasteful for me to buy any more now; I will definitely be using Dotty Bots in the future though should Lexi's Daddy and I decide we'd like any more children. We haven't decided yet but I will 100% be investing in a complete set of Dotty Bots' if we do! High quality, high absorbency and low price!

Thank you Dotty Bots for changing my views and perspective of reusable nappies and proving that they can be highly absorbent, high quality, stylish, less bulky and great value for money! Your Purple Bamboo Nappy was definitely loved by Lexi's Mummy and, being drier for longer is definitely Loved By Lexi!