Thursday, 22 September 2011

The Froobles by Top That! Publishing

Lexi loves to be read to and is starting to recognise letters herself already as I have always encouraged her to share in my passion for reading and books. So when we were sent two books from the new The Froobles series from Top That! Publishing we were both really excited!

About the Books

There are 12 books in the series which was launched in September.

Each book has 32 pages and are made from high quality thick paper so there is no worry about your little one tearing it when they are trying to read it for themselves. They are recommended for age 3+ but, even aged just 2, Lexi absolutely loved being read them at bedtime. Being 32 pages long they are the perfect bedtime length and are easy to read and fun for your little one to join in and point out their favourite characters and scenes.

The books have a page of stickers in the back for children to recreate their favourite scenes or even create their own scenes using the characters. Lexi absolutely loves stickers and making sticker pictures so had an absolute ball using these up and insisted on doing the sticking as soon as she saw the stickers for the first time (after we had read the book once). She absolutely loved them. I love the fact that Top That! Publishing have clearly thought this through perfectly for children as all children love stickers and interacting with their favourite characters in books and digitally so I love this idea and have to give The Froobles another tick in the "amazing" box for thinking over and above their fantastic stories and adding yet another concept to the Froobles brand!

The books are the perfect size for popping into a changing or hand bag which is lovely as it meant we could take them out and about with us and Lexi could show them to her friends too!

How The Froobles Were Created

I can do no better than to quote the very informative explanation I was given by Top That! Publishing themselves about the genius way that The Froobles were created and their aim:-

"The Froobles are fruit and vegetable characters that have been brought to life by the magic of children's imaginations. Scenes created by playgroup children provide the Frooble characters with an ever-changing and magical world to explore. The Froobles exist in the real world, but only conduct their adventures in the fantastical scenes created by the children"

Sienna Strawberry and the ice palace ballet

We were sent two books from the series, the first of which was Sienna Strawberry and the Ice Palace Ballet.

As with all the books, Sienna Strawberry is beautifully illustrated using brightly coloured pictures of Sienna Strawberry and her other friends.

In this book, Sienna auditions for a ballet. She gets very upset when she can't remember the whole routine and is almost at the point of giving up when her friends encourage her to practice. After practicing and practicing, she learns her routine and eventually ends up dancing the role of the Princess. It is a lovely, well-written, emotive story which children of all ages can relate to.

The moral of the story overall is that practice makes perfect which I think is a very valuable lesson for children of the age the books are aimed at as it encourages them to never give up, reach for the stars and never stop believing in yourself.

Bobby Blackberry and the treasure island

The second book we were sent was Bobby Blackberry and the Treasure Island.

In this book, Bobby Blackberry is on an island practising his spying skills when a secret message is washed onto the shore containing a treasure map. For varying reasons Bobby needs help deciphering the map and finding his way. At the end of the story, Bobby needs help opening the treasure and decides to share with all his friends who helped him along the way.

It is written in emotive yet plain language which is easy for children of all ages to understand and relate to. Lexi sometimes gets bored listening to me read long-winded, overly descriptive books but there was no worry about that with The Froobles books - she loved every second.

The moral of the story overall is that you should share with others. Yet again, I think this is a very valuable lesson for children to learn early in life as it will be beneficial to them to learn to share and to be encouraged to play with other children and socialise kindly and be caring.

Our Thoughts

I cannot wait to see whether Top That! Publishing will make more and more books in The Froobles series as I, nevermind Lexi, am excited to see what other adventures the Froobles will get up to!

Priced at just £2.69 (RRP £2.99) direct from Top That! Publishing’s website I will definitely be buying Lexi the other books in the series for Christmas as they will make fantastic stocking fillers and each includes stickers and a brilliant moral to each story including learning to help others, relying on friends rather than gadgets, to treat others as you would like to be treated, asking for help when you need to, never give up, overcome a fear, play nicely and other fantastic morals to enhance any child!

Following the launch of the books in September, the interactive Froobles apps, featuring the voices of Johnny Vaughan, Denise Van Outen, Edith Bowman and Reggie Yates, will be available to purchase from iTunes in November. I can't wait to download the App on my iPhone for Lexi to enjoy!

There are lots of games and lots of fun to be had on the The Froobles website e so pop over with your little one and have some fun with The Froobles characters! Lexi loved dressing up Sienna Strawberry and playing the memory game with Billy Banana. Lexi (and Mummy!) are excited about trying out the music game with Charlie Chilli next!

The Froobles books are available to buy now direct from Top That! Publishing’s website at the special price so pop over now and order your's in time for Christmas!

Bobby Blackberry and Sienna Strawberry were fantastic books and I cannot fault them at all. Lexi absolutely loved them and, I'm positive, will love the rest of the series too! Thank you Top That! Publishing for evoking imagination and joy in Lexi and lots of other children who I'm sure will love them The Froobles too!


  1. Great review - looks like Lexi really enjoys these books. I have reviewed two more of the series on my blog and I think we both agree on the same positives for this new range of characters. Like you, I am looking forward to Top That Publishing doing more with these cute characters!

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