Friday, 13 May 2011

TAGGIE MONKEY: Something a little bit different....

I have never seen such excitement on Lexi’s face as her look of absolute delight when I opened the parcel (addressed to Lexi which I thought was a lovely touch!) and there was Taggie Monkey....
Included in the parcel was an information leaflet about other Taggies products which was very explanatory and which I thoroughly enjoyed reading!

But, with his funky orange T-shirt featuring a guitar, his cheeky grin and the eye-catching image of a guitar emblazoned on his T-shirt; it was love at first sight between Lexi and Taggie Monkey!! The look of sheer adoration for this big, brown, gorgeously soft, T-shirt sporting monkey was one I won’t forget for a long time! Coupled with “Awwwwwwwww” as she picked him up, feeling his velvety softness as she first showed him to me then to Nana with pride, it was such a lovely moment.

Then her glee magnified further when she noticed the brightly coloured tags attached to his arms and t-shirt. They caught her eye almost immediately as they are all differently coloured with little slogans on them and each has a different feel to it meaning Lexi’s sensory experience was different with each one!
Lexi immediately made Taggie Monkey her new best friend. She isn’t usually one for swapping between favourite toys; Iggle Piggle has long held that title; but Taggie Monkey was different... He was an instant hit and had to accompany Lexi on their first important mission in the garden to look at the birds. Never have I seen my 21 month old daughter pointing to the birds and an aeroplane that flew overhead and purposely lifting a toy skyward in order to allow it to see whatever she is pointing at; but Taggie Monkey was different... He was carried carefully throughout the garden whilst Lexi pointed out every little thing she could see. Then their second mission; ScuttleBug investigations.
Monkey was sat on Scuttlebug and rode around the patio, garden and dining room while Lexi pointed things out to him and sang to him with a humungous smile on her face.

Mission three; lunch time. Never has Lexi wanted or ever shown any interest in having a toy sit on or in her highchair with her... But Taggie Monkey was different... He was sat in her chair as soon as she saw me preparing her sandwich before she then climbed in beside him and sat him ready for lunch. And that was where he remained for the entire meal (Mummy didn’t have the heart to take him away especially as Lexi was feeding him Quavers and cheese which she has never done with any other toy either!!).
Once lunch was finished and Taggie Monkey had been given a sticker for being a good boy; which no other toy has ever been given by Lexi either and a kiss for eating all his lunch (also from Lexi) then was time for Lexi to start...
Mission four; find Taggie Monkey a girlfriend... Taggie Monkey obviously looked lonely as Lexi found her ragdoll, sat it on the radiator (turned off!!) and sat Taggie Monkey beside her before smiling and saying “there” with a delightful smile on her face.
Lastly we had Mission five; Take monkey for a ride on a toy bus... Again, something Lexi has never done with any other toy! So monkey was promptly placed on the bus before being pushed around by Lexi with “brooom brooooom choo choo” ing her way around the house laughing and squealing with pure enjoyment.
So if you are interested in something different then Taggie Monkey is definitely for your little one too! Lexi has not put Taggie Monkey down from the moment he arrived til now and she is at this moment in bed snuggled up to his gorgeously soft fur clutching him to her for dear life for fear that mean Mummy or Daddy might go in and remove him from the cot! Heehee.

I would definitely recommend him to anybody looking for something a little bit different to the normal soft toys on the market. Taggie Monkey retails at what sounds a rather pricey £17.99 but I would say he is worth every penny!

If I was to say anything negative at all it would just be that although Lexi loves the eye-catching orange colour of his t-shirt with the blue guitar design; I would perhaps like to see a more feminine Taggie Monkey in the future so that we as parents have the choice of whether we want to buy the unisex monkey or a more girly one for our little Princess. But, like I said, Lexi loves Taggie Monkey as he is so this is just my personal thought on the t-shirt and it wouldn’t affect my decision on whether to buy one or not. I will DEFINITELY be buying Taggie Monkey gifts for children’s birthdays coming up soon!!

For the full range of products available take a look at where you can find all their product lines and information on their products.
So there it is: Taggie Monkey is definitely Loved By Lexi