Friday, 6 May 2011

Inch Blue Competition Winner..... Twice!

"I never win anything"...... That sentence has been typed and spoken by me many, many, many times throughout my 25 years on Earth. 

So you can imagine my shock when I won a competition by My Retro Baby on Facebook and was able to choose any style of Inch Blue shoes for Lexi that I wanted. I was not only shocked but so thrilled and excited as I had always loved Inch Blue but just never had the funds to be able to buy any specific indoor shoes as all shoe money had to be spent on specialised shoes for Lexi (Looooooong story which I will go into another time and have a good rant about!). 

So after much deliberating over so many gorgeous styles, colours and designs, I finally opted for Sheep Baby Pink. Lexi absolutely LOVES them, they look so cute and are so versatile. 

So, I uploaded a picture of Lexi wearing her Inch Blue sheep shoes........

And little did I realise a few days later I received an email from the wonderful Rhiannon from Inch Blue to say I had won Lexi another pair of Inch Blue, this time of their choosing, for one of the best pet pictures posted on their Facebook page. You can probably imagine how overjoyed I was as the shoes really are amazing and will be absolutely perfect for when Lexi and I go to spend a month with my Mum in her villa in Northern Cyprus in June as the marble floors can be so slippery and cold. The shoes will be absolutely PERFECT as they will keep her feet dry and clean and non-slip without being too hot as they are so flexible, durable and breathable too! 

Then yesterday a parcel arrived.....

I couldn't have chosen better myself! As Lexi loves to sit and watch the birds through the window, "Bird" was one of her first words and she has even befriended the "pet" pigeon Bert who comes into our garden everyday for some seed and fat balls. 

Thank you My Retro Baby for introducing me to the delightful, wonderful world of Inch Blue shoes. And Thank You Inch Blue shoes for allowing me to be a prize winner and to receive two beautifully made, magnificently crafted pairs of Inch Blue shoes.

For anybody who is yet to have this pleasure, links are below! Enjoy..... I did! And Lexi is delighted with her two new pairs of Inch Blue shoes..... (She has even been known to wear a different one on each foot! :) )

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