Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Little Charley Bear : Ready, Teddy, Go! DVD

Lexi absolutely adores Little Charley Bear®. Ever since the first time she saw him on CBeebies she was mesmerised. Our dining room Sky Plus+ box has Little Charley Bear® set to record on series link constantly so that she never misses an episode and has now seen every single one!

When we went over to visit my Mum (Lexi's Mooma) in Northern Cyprus, we bought Lexi Little Charley Bear's first DVD "Are You There Charley Bear?" to take over with us as we were worried Lexi may experience withdrawal symptoms if she didn't get her daily fix of Little Charley Bear®, Frozo™, Caramel™, Nibblet™, Midge™, Bellarina™, Rivet™ and, of course, James Corden. She loved the first DVD and, even though she had seen all the episodes goodness knows how many times before, she is still young enough that she didn't care that she had seen them all before and she insisted on watching it over and over again.

To add to her Northern Cyprus holiday experience, we bought her Little Charley Bear® fun sounds plush toy so that she had a new toy on the plane to keep her occupied. He is so much fun and has the familiar voice of James Corden saying phrases like "Are you there Charley Bear", "Hello Charley Bear how are you today?" and "ahhh Charley, you're my best friend" as well as other fun sounds which Lexi loved!

Ever since we gave it to her on the plane in June, he has never left her side - she absolutely loves Charley Bear® above any other children's TV character and now has both DVDs, fun sounds Charley Bear® and a small soft toy Charley Bear®.

She loves Little Charley Bear® so much that she takes him absolutely everywhere and his adventures in Lexi's world have been almost as much fun as the adventures he goes on in his imaginary world as Lexi has taken him everywhere with her and he has experienced everything she has experienced in the few months she has had him along with her!

Little Charley Bear® went on a plane...

Danced with a belly dancer in Northern Cyprus...

And, among other things, also accompanied Lexi on her first ever pony ride...

And those are just his adventures with Lexi! So it's definitely safe to say, Lexi absolutely adores Little Charley Bear®!!

Little Charley Bear® Ready, Teddy, Go! on DVD

Knowing how much Lexi loves watching Little Charley Bear®, you can image her reaction when we were sent their newly released DVD "Ready, Teddy, Go!" Lexi was so excited when she opened the parcel as she instantly recognised Little Charley Bear® and asked to watch it straight away (over and over again!).

"Blast off with Little Charley Bear® in 7 fun-filled stories! Charley sets off in his rocket on a journey to the moon where he meets a friendly alien who wants to play moon ball. In other adventures, Charley has a fantastic new pair of shoes with lights in the soles, becomes a detective and a race car driver - racing against Nibblit™ and Caramel™ in the Little Charley Bear Super Car Race! Countdown for blast-off… Ready Teddy Go!"

Although it is a new release on DVD, it doesn't actually have any new episodes on it as I soon realised once it was on as I had definitely seen all of the episodes at least a few times each from our Sky Plus+ recordings that Lexi watched daily. However, this didn't bother Lexi as she had a great time watching all the episodes again and again and again!

The best thing about Lexi now owning the DVD is that I can now de-Little Charley Bear® our Sky box and delete all the recordings as all we have to do now is press play on the DVD player and Little Charley Bear® and friends are instantly available which is absolutely fantastic!

Little Charley Bear® Ready, Teddy, Go! on DVD was available to buy from Monday 10 October 2011 and can be bought from Amazon for £7.99 which I think is a reasonable price for a DVD that will keep your Little Charley Bear® loving little one amused for hours and hours. Even though £7.99 is a reasonable price; you can grab even more of a bargain in ASDA stores at the moment where it is on sale for just £6! So grab it for your little one while it's at such a fabulous price!

As well as 7 fun-filled fantastic episodes, the DVD also features a bonus episode (Charley Bear Sock Detective), make & do butterfly mobile and activity time too which add to the brilliance of the DVD's entertainment value to Lexi.

There are lots of fantastic looking toys and games in the Little Charley Bear® range available to buy online and in some stores and we will definitely be buying Lexi another one from the collection for Christmas!

Little Charley Bear®'s website www.littlecharleybear.com/ has lots of fun, games, upcoming events and much more so why not pop over with your little one and take a look at all the fun to be had! Little Charley Bear and friends are on Facebook too so why not go over and say hi! :)

On top of all this, Little Charley Bear® has a great new FREE app available too which I have uploaded onto my iPhone 4 and Lexi has so much fun playing!

As you can probably tell; Little Charley Bear and all his friends are a major influence in this household with not just Lexi but also her Mummy and Daddy all thinking he is brilliant. For that reason aswell as the good price and the charm, character and sheer fun of the series', Little Charley Bear's Ready, Teddy, GO! DVD is definitely Loved By Lexi!!


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