Monday, 17 October 2011

CHOKABLOK: New Premium Ice Cream on the 'Blok'

"Calling all ice cream fanatics! A delicious new ‘premium’ ice cream is hitting shelves, that has been specially crafted by an expert team of ‘master cremeliers’ with more than 100 years of experience between them.

ChokaBlok is a luxury ice cream made from an indulgent blend of the finest ingredients including real chocolate, whole milk, double cream and free-range eggs.

Each spoonful is crammed full of rich flavours and features more chewy chunks, gooey bits and crunchy nuggets per bite than any other ice cream."

Loved By Lexi were asked to review a new range of luxury ice creams that have just hit the market and are already going down a storm in Tesco and certain members of the family were very excited as Lexi and her Daddy are ice cream crazy, they absolutely love it!

Unfortunately I am allergic to chocolate (boooo!) so this review fell to Lexi's Daddy and Lexi alone with Mummy just watching on wishing she could have a taste!

We were sent 2 pots of ice cream and three boxes of ice cream on sticks and here is Lexi and her Daddy's verdicts on each of them:-

The Chocolate Extremist

"This chocolate heaven is everything you could imagine, all wrapped up on a stick. Chocolate ice cream is swirled with our chocolate sauce, real milk chocolate covered crispies and brownie pieces, then covered in Belgian dark chocolate and studded with cookie crumble."

Lexi's Daddy is a chocoholic so he absolutely loved this one. He said that the crispies pieces and brownies pieces gave a new depth to his ice cream eating experience and helped break up the sweetness of the chocolate ice cream perfectly. The cookie crumble complimented the ice cream and the chocolate sauce beautifully and he absolutely loved it. Lexi only ate a small amount as I think that because it is so chocolatey, it became a little bit sickly for her but her Daddy definitely enjoyed it.

The Chocolate Extremist from CHOKABLOK is available in both 500ml tubs aswell as in three packs of 80ml sticks. Lexi's Daddy enjoyed eating the sticks as it is a ready made portion as oppose to him feeling the need to accidentally finish the entire tub! Whereas Lexi preferred having a scoop from the tub in a cone or bowl so there is an option for everyone.

Peanut Butter Nutter

"This cheeky combination of peanut butter ice cream is swirled with rich caramel sauce, loaded with real milk chocolate drops, and then smothered in Belgian milk chocolate and roasted peanut pieces."

Lexi's Daddy isn't the biggest fan of peanuts but he still enjoyed Peanut Butter Nutter. He didn't find the peanuts too overpowering; there were enough to give the taste but not so much that it took over the ice cream experience. He thought the rich caramel sauce was very creamy and added yet another depth to the taste and flavour and gave a new texture to the ice cream. He loved biting into the ice cream and discovering chocolate drops - as did Lexi who was waiting for Daddy to find them so she could steal them from him to eat for herself!

Peanut Butter Nutter from CHOKABLOK is also available in both 500ml tubs aswell as in three packs of 80ml sticks and we were sent both to try. Lexi's Daddy found the sticks more chocolatey than the tubs so would recommend the tubs to someone who is an avid fan of peanut butter and wants the real nutty experience whereas the sticks aren't too loaded with peanuts.

Billionaires Dynamite

"Adventure seekers look out… This is an explosive combination of creamy caramel ice cream swirled with caramel sauce, loaded with real milk chocolate covered crunchy shortcake crumble and chewy caramel fudge, and then smothered in Belgian milk chocolate and honeycomb pieces."

This was Lexi's Daddy absolute favourite of all of the ice creams! He absolutely loved the crunchy shortcake crumble and honeycomb pieces as it gave a surprising crunch as you bite into the ice cream and with the caramel ice cream and rich Belgian chocolate, it is the perfect combination. He has insisted that we add it to our next shopping list as he has been having it for dessert as a treat and has enjoyed every single mouthful!

Billionaires Dynamite from CHOKABLOK is currently only available in three packs of 80ml sticks. Although there is a similar sounding tub called Billionaires Shortcake which Lexi's Daddy can't wait to buy to try next!

The Rocky Road Of Love

"There's nothing rocky about this flavour. In every tub we use rich chocolate and marshmallow ice creams, pack them full with milk chocolate hearts, chunks of crunchy biscuit, mini marshmallows and then add a good swirl of sticky toffee sauce."

Finally, we were sent The Rocky Road of Love. This was Lexi's absolute favourite of them all (even though she loved them all and there wasn't one she wouldn't eat which makes a nice change for our very fussy toddler)! She loved picking out the chunks of crunchy biscuits and marshmallows and giggled each time she found a heart shaped piece of chocolate which was really cute. She loved absolutely everything about it. Lexi's Daddy enjoyed it too as it has "everything a luxury ice cream should have" so both him and Lexi were very happy munching their way through the entire tub!

The Rocky Road of Love from CHOKABLOK is currently only available in 500ml tubs. Lexi loved this because it meant she could have ice cream in cones, bowls with wafers - the possibilities are endless...


There are other flavours of tub available which Lexi's Daddy has already added to the next shopping list so he can have a taste and see whether any of them can be as amazingly tasty as the ones he has reviewed!

CHOKABLOK is currently available to buy from Tesco online and instore and is priced at £3.99 per 500ml tub and £2.79 for a three pack of 80ml sticks. You can buy them from where at the moment just until 25th October 2011 The Rocky Road of Love tubs and Peanut Butter Nutter tubs are on sale for just £3.00! So pop over to the Tesco website or instore and grab yourself a bargain and give CHOKABLOK a try!

For more information about CHOKABLOK products or for nutritional information and news, pop over to the CHOKABLOK website: or pop over to their brand new CHOKABLOK Facebook page and say hi!

Every single flavour was a massive hit to both Lexi and Lexi's Daddy so, even though I was unable to taste them for myself, I can safely confirm that CHOKABLOK's luxury ice creams definitely fall into the category of being Loved By Lexi!