Monday, 28 November 2011

VersArtile - Making it Personal

A few months ago I came across an amazing looking page on Facebook belonging to VersArtile. Their photos showed an array of gorgeous canvases personalised with your child's details and photographs all cleverly arranged around your chosen theme. The second I saw them I fell in love so when I was asked by the fantastically talented guys over at VersArtile to review a canvas for them I was delighted!

The Process

The first step is to choose the canvas theme. There are lots of gorgeous themes to choose from which are suitable for boys, girls and unisex. There really are so many and they are all brilliant! After spending quite a while looking through Vintage, Enchanting, Retro, Sparkle and many more I finally chose In Bloom because it's so pretty and beautiful!

Once you have chosen your design, the second step is to email VersArtile the details for personalisation. The information they need is really easy to understand as they highlight it in blue so you know what information to send them.

Once you've emailed VersArtile with the design choice and wording, they give you a separate email address to send the required number of photos to. The reason it is sent to a separate email address is so that they don't store them, they use them for your design and then delete them for your peace of mind. I found this stage the most difficult because I am rather trigger happy when it comes to Lexi and have thousands of photos to choose from! It took me a while but eventually I emailed them the 6 photos and eagerly waited to see what they'd do with them and the wording and to see what the proof they'd email me would look like! I got an instant reply saying they had received my photos and would start creating my canvas which I thought was wonderful - no wondering or worrying that they hadn't received them - I knew straightaway and this gave me even more confidence in them and their ability!

Usually I find getting anything personalised to be a total palaver with sorting photos and emailing details then having to ask for things to be changed goodness knows how many times so was a little dubious as to how my vision for the photograph's I chose and the wording and look of the canvas in my head would translate into an email and then onto canvas but it couldn't have been easier!! The guys talked me through the process stage by stage and made sure they knew exactly what I wanted and had it looking perfect before it was sent to print. They sent me a proof to look at by email which looked fantastic but they were more than happy to make any changes if I'd have wanted any - but they had it spot on first time so there was no need. Their creative flare and great communication made it so easy for me to explain myself and get the perfect images to them first time and so easily and quickly! The proof of my canvas came only a few hours after I had placed the order which I found extremely impressive!

I replied saying that I absolutely loved it and gave them my address.....

I was expecting a 5 day wait as that's what it states in their Ts & Cs; 2 days later my canvas arrived in the post! I couldn't believe how quickly it arrived. It was boxed brilliantly so there was no damage to it (which I had been a little worried about) and even came with the fixings to attach it to the wall - Service above and beyond!!

The Canvas

VersArtile canvas prints are made using 100% cotton, 360gsm canvases. Our chunky 1.5 inch (3.8cm) frames are also slotted with wedges to keep your print taut and in good shape for years to come.

Our canvases are printed using the very latest high resolution printers and high quality ink with 72 million colours all containing fade and water resistors.

And all our canvas prints come with a 10 year guarantee (terms & conditions apply)."

Lexi's Canvas

The canvas itself is fantastic quality; it is mounted on a sturdy wooden frame so it's very tough and durable. The print quality is superb too. Every little detail in the photos I had sent to Adam and Rich at VersArtile was depicted beautifully on the canvas and the warmth and strength of the colour is fantastic.

It is the little details on the canvas which are encorporated into the canvas which make it even more special.

On In Bloom, the clothes peg is personalised with Lexi's date of birth which is subtle but stunning.

The little black and white old fashioned pictures have Lexi's date of birth stamped onto them.

The daisies in the top corner spell her name which looks so cute and eye catching..

Obviously, I love the whole canvas and all the little details and magic touches which make it so special but my favourite part of the canvas is the wording...

I have read the little verse so many times I know it by heart and now, each time I glimpse the canvas and the wording, it brings a smile to my face and a tear to my eye because it is so beautiful.


I cannot recommend VersArtile enough. They are offering a unique, beautiful and very special product which will last a lifetime and bring any room to life and be a real focal talking point in your home!

The process, communication and support offered by Adam and Rich is beyond brilliant. I am so impressed that I have been showing everybody who will listen the canvas and praising VersArtile as much as possible.

If you'd like to browse VersArtile's fantastic canvas themes which are available to personalise, you can view them:-


Special Offer for Loved By Lexi Readers

The usual price for a personalised canvas of your own is £100 which I think is well worth the money as it is superb quality. I have paid much more just for a canvas photograph or print so £100 for something so unique and special, I think is a fantastic price.

BUT; The lovely guys Adam and Rich over at VersArtile are offering all your lovely Loved By Lexi readers a special 20% off discount on their own personalised canvas!! Your very own personalised canvas featuring personal details and gorgeous photos of your little one for the extra special price of £80! Brilliant! Just mention Loved By Lexi when you place your order to benefit from this amazing special offer! What better Christmas present for a loved one than a beautiful personalised canvas of their child to treasure forever! Gift vouchers are available too if you'd like to order a canvas for someone you love but want to let them choose the design and photos themselves, gift vouchers are the perfect solution! I know I would be ecstatic to receive gift vouchers for such an amazing gift!

Thank you VersArtile; Lexi's canvas is hanging proudly on the wall in our house and we have had endless comments on how gorgeous and special it is. Not only is your service superb and the canvas amazing but you made the process so simple and painless. That is why VersArtile is highly recommended and absolutely Loved By Lexi!!