Monday, 6 June 2011

HiPP HiPP Hooray!

As I've said before, Lexi isn't the easiest toddler to feed healthy foods to; with her much preferring cheese, crisps, milk and sandwiches. So when I was sent a large box of delicious looking foods and drinks by HiPP I was ever hopeful that Lexi would continue on the great path of healthy eating that she started with the Organix foods. And HiPP certainly didn't let me down! She couldn't get enough of them!!
HiPP Organic Growing Up Meals
I cannot sing the praises of the tray meals enough! The packaging is vibrant and eye catching showing pictures of all the delicious looking ingredients, the heart shape tray is different and makes mealtime more exciting, the contents are easily identifiable, nutritional information is easy to understand, heating the meal couldn't be simpler - pierce film lid, pop into microwave for 1 minute, stir, hey presto Delicious or alternatively heat on the hob in hot water for 6-8 minutes! All their tray meals are organic, contain no GM ingredients and as they state; really are perfect for growing toddlers as they are suitable from 12 months old.

Squiggly spaghetti with tasty tomato & mozzarella sauce
This one was suitable for vegetarians so Mummy had a taste too! It was lovely! Not too strong tomato flavour, small chunks of vegetables and a substantial amount of spaghetti but not too much. Lexi absolutely loved it!

Potato, pumpkin & chicken scrumble
Again, this one looked delicious (although with the chicken in it Mummy didn't taste it but Daddy did!). It smelled like stew and Daddy said it tasted a little like stew too. Very wholesome and filling with good size chunks of vegetables and meat. Lexi gobbled it down rather hastily!
Scumptious lasagne
This was far and above Lexi's absolute favourite! Lots of pasta, nice thick sauce, lots of pieces of vegetables and plenty of meat. Very flavoursome, lovely smooth texture of the sauce and the pasta was great, not too soft that it was mush but not too dense that it was chewy! Lexi absolutely adored the lasagne!

Shell pasta with juicy tomatoes & courgettes
Again, this sauce wasn't too strong taste of tomato but was still flavoursome and succulent. The pasta was very soft but Lexi seemed to enjoy it! Mummy thought it tasted a little like baby food but Lexi didn't seem to mind at all and gobbled this one down too!
Wholesome vegetable & chicken risotto
Having rice made a nice change as I have never before been able to get Lexi to eat rice in any form whatsoever... HiPP changed that! She munched her way through half of it without pause. The rice was cooked well but without being too squishy and mushy. The pieces of chicken and vegetable were soft and a nice size for her not to notice them too much and therefore spit them out! Perhaps her least favourite but that is only because she enjoyed the others SO much. But she definitely enjoyed it a lot! Definitely a pasta girl our Lexi though!

HiPP Organic Fruit Juice Drinks

These ready to drink delicious fruit and water drinks were fantastic! The bottles are sturdy, large cap so not as much of a choking risk if by some minute chance Lexi had got hold of it, the pictures on the label look very appetising and the credentials boast being certified organic, gluten free, no added sugar, no GM or preservatives and suitable for vegetarians. All are suitable from 4 months old so are perfect for taking out and about or just decanting into a beaker or cup for your toddler to drink from.
We were sent mixed fruit with mineral water, apple & blackcurrant juice with mineral water, apple juice with mineral water and pear & peach juice with mineral water. ALL of which Lexi LOVED!! She was so proud being a 'big girl' drinking grown-up juice from a cup and beaker. She has never really been interested or wanted to drink juice before so I was absolutely ecstatic when she took to these so quickly. They were all thirst quenching and very juicy but the apple was definitely Lexi's favourite!

For more information visit:

HiPP HiPP HooRay for HiPP's delicious and nutritious Organic meals and their deliciously juicy juice and water drinks. Every single one of them was Loved by Lexi.

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